Sunday, 7 July 2013

PADE Day 5 "Fresh"

Welcome to Day 5 of PADE
Relishing each day of this experience with all of you
Theme for today is “Fresh”

Here is my interpretation;

"Fresh as a daisy"

"Fresh as a daisy"

“Early in the morning I saw you there
Standing tall, standing pretty with a beauty rare
Standing white amongst the sea of green
Standing white with a yellow flair

Smile dwelling on your lips..
White blossoms and grips
Welcoming the early sunrays, reflecting the purity of pure
Petals curled and demure
Just standing there absorbing the morning dew
Colored butterflies creating rainbow around you”  

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Shutterbug of the day for “Candles”
Glad to announce that Rio has grabbed “Shutterbug of the day” for Candles. We just loved   his unique interpretation of the theme. Alrghyadeep came a close second. Special thanks to all the participants. 

Click here for Rio's entry

Rio please copy the badge from below

We look forward to visiting you all and seeing your interpretation of the theme!

Theme for tomorrow is "Layer"

How to Participate

1. In a post meant for this challenge, present an image(fresh or archived) that means “Fresh” to you.

2. Include a link to this post in your blogpost 

3. Enter a comment below this post with your blogpost link

3. Read here for more details

4. Take some time out and read other entries also and share your feedback


  1. Your poems are so good to read, I look forward to your interpretation of themes in words as much as the beautiful pictures.
    It's a beautiful Daisy :)
    Here's my entry:

  2. Amazing refreshing picture and lovely poetry feast to to begin the day. Kudos.

  3. Great poem Sfurti :D

    BTW, here is my tame entry :D :

    1. Awww Pankti...What tame...its awesome!!!!!!!


    My entry

    1. Thanks so much Ali for a beautiful post!!!

  5. Great Poem with a Great Capture...

  6. beautiful lines to compliment the beautiful daisy...
    here's my entry:-

  7. Beautiful lines. Here is my second attempt to write short and sweet poem. My entry:-

    I don't have any post for fresh right now but you can check this one out too. Not a part of PADE though.

  9. This is such a beautiful poem and of course a refreshing pic :)
    Here's my entry....

  10. Nice poem Sfurti.. and a pristine white pure daisy to go with it.. excellent

    Here is my entry:


    My fresh take, though took some time.


    Link for the day, just posting here for others, even though you've already seen it :) Fresh had two choices, I decided to move one for another theme later.


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