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Thursday, 11 July 2013

Candid moments with Ar III

Ar: Mumma I want Bada pao!
Me: Beta its vada pav
Ar: Yes Ma I want to eat Bada pao!
Me: Okay okay when we go out we will eat your Bada pao.
Ar: No teacher said we shouldn’t eat outside food!
Me: (Grrrrrr) Yes she is right, I will make for you in evening.
(I put in extra labor and made vada pao customized to his preferences, with cheese, capsicum etc etc)
Me: Ar I made Bada pao! for you (With a big smile)
He came running, looked at the plate excitedly and got very upset...
Ar: Maaaaaaaa what is this?
Me: Bada pao! beta, it has cheese and capsicum also, your favorite!
Ar: Arey I want Bada pao, this is a burger!
Me: THIS is a vada pao not a burger!!!! Now Eat!!!!! (Grrrr)
Ar: Ma see how small is this pao..and it has patties. I want a bada (Big) pao with only butter..why are you giving me a small pao!!!!!!!
Me: (In splits)

Friday, 21 June 2013

Candid moments with Ar II

Ar: Mumma I want Jacuzzi!!

Me: (Shocked beyond believe) What?? You just learned what is a shower? Why do you want Jacuzzi?

(Till some months back he use to call Shower-Sharpener)

Ar: Arey Mumma Jacuzzi is healthy!

Me: What? No? Who said?

Ar: You did!

Me: No I didn't!!

Ar: You did. You were telling dadda na. He should eat Jacuzzi, it is healthy.

Me: Really eat Jacuzzi? (Now what is he talking about?) When did I say that?

Ar: Morning, you were telling dadda to finish Jacuzzi in tiffin and not throw it.

Me: (Laughing hysterically) Its zucchini shona!!!

Ar: Yes thats what I said na?????

Friday, 7 June 2013

Candid moments with Ar

My elder one Ar is growing really fast and is daily coming up with new antics. I needed a place to journal these candid moments with him, hence I am starting a new section " Candid Moments with Ar"...(which I cross my heart and promise I will use to embarrass him when I am old and I have nothing better to do :D)

A really cute episode from last week

"Ar: Mumma see I made Hulladho car (From lego)
Me: Hulladho?? (thinking hard...really hard!)
Me: Aah its alladin beta not Hulladho (Impressed that he remembered the story after months) A big kiss on the cheeks
Ar: Arey no no tell me name of both uncle and aunty
Me: Aunty..who aunty in Alladin??
Me: Alladin and 40 chor right?
Ar: No that song on TV with “No pants aunty”
"Hulladho ee hai,..fir bepui hai..tere pyar main”(Song from the movie Race: Allah duhai hai..) 
Me: Jaw on the floor!!!!