Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Riot Room

A place so lovely and full of joy that once a child enters, they don't want to leave. That is what "The Riot Room" is. The place exudes joy, childhood, adventure, excitement and utmost care. There are many soft play areas in the city which are designed to entertain and engage kids and I have been to almost every one of them. Each one of them fulfills one criteria or the other. Some are more suitable for my younger one and some are more suitable for my older one. Some have latest slides but hardly any space. Some are spacious but not well maintained. Keeping this experience in mind, my expectations from TRR (The Riot Room) were similar. But I was proved wrong. It is not only the largest soft play indoor area I have ever seen, it has the best entertainment facilities for the kids. It is designed from the point of view of kids. It has age wise engagement area, extremely polite and helpful support staff and it is very well maintained. I was surprised by how clean and hygienic every corner of the place was.

Not only does the place keeps the kids engaged, it has a mouth watering selection of snacks. A parent can sit and enjoy their food break while keeping an eye on their kids. Each corner of the place is designed to gain maximum fun and efficiency. I was lucky to spend some time with the owner. Her passion and love for her work and the place was evident. She seems like the driving force behind the success of the place. I took a tour of the place with her and her love and care for the place was quite evident. 

As a mother of two growing up boys, keeping them engaged for a longer period of time is my biggest challenge and TRR seems to be the most suitable answer.