Sunday, 7 August 2016


I have seen you closely
I know you, like
I know myself
You were always there
Even when I didn't want to

I begged you to leave me,
I prayed you would
I hid in my heart,
you were there
I hid in my mind,
you were there
You became my best friend
Even when I dreaded you,
You were the only one always there

You were taking away my body
You were taking away my mind
I knew what I had to
But I still didn't do
I had no other option
But to let go
You had started breaking my soul

So I promised to save
Whatever was left of me,
my heart, and
my soul

It was a beautiful day,
I promised to
keep you at bay: fear

It was the most beautiful day
When fear gave way to

Fairy Dust by desperadofromhell

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Did You?

Walking barefoot I reach, the end 
of earth 
You are not there 
But you said you will meet me, where 
the earth ends, where 
there is death, where  
there is dark, and where 
there is light 

I am here 
Naked of my body 
bathed in darkness 
covered in light 
waiting for you

I float in the air 
I grasp all souls passing by 
There are so many 
Some bleeding 
Some crying 
Some tearing their own body 
Some tearing their souls 
I am one of them 
At the end 

You said, 
You will come 
You did say 
Did you? 
Did I hear you? Or 
did I hear my heart, 
Thinking wishfully, that 
You will be there 
If not in life 
At the least 
In death!

Black Magic Woman by desperadofromhell

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Big Steps

little shoulders 
tiny shoes, 
big steps

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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Krishna- Our Beloved

fear smeared on face
happy but not
caught red handed

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Monday, 1 August 2016


His eyes followed Lata’s curvatures. She was looking ravishing as always. Her dress was well fitted and accentuated her perfect figure. He gently touched her light brown eyes. They were the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. Every time she had looked at him, his heart had melted into a puddle. He moved his fingers to her soft pink cheeks, gently caressing them and then to her perfect lips. They were slightly open. This was the first time he was touching them. He bent down and gave her a long kiss. She tasted just like a glass of the most intoxicating red wine. He had dreamed of their first kiss since a few years but this was a little different.

He sighed and backed off. She felt a little cold. She had always been a little cold towards him and would only talk when she had no one else to talk to. Only yesterday, she had shared how she was scared of the threatening letters she was getting almost daily from a guy and no one else was believing her. He remembered how he had reassured her.

Ram gave a suppressed laugh at the thought. Lata had believed him when he had told her he was taking her to a friend’s place. And then upon reaching this place, this home that he had built especially for her,she had tried to run.

“What option did I have then?” Ram thought to himself. This is the only way we will always be together. One last time he looked at her or what was left of her, took the gun and aimed at his temple.

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