Thursday, 4 June 2015

Broken Wings

Trees swaying to the music
Some with orange hue
Some pink and some blue
She sits under them
Her wavy hair touching her face
and gently moving away
A book in her hand
A love story maybe
Just like theirs-

Just next to the trees
is their dream
Standing tall
White and cream
Painted with hands
Dipped in love
Their home

Each room,
is them
Each brick over another,
is them
glued together

The air smells of rose
Or maybe Jasmine
He was not sure
but it smells of her
this he was sure
A little sweet, a little minty
Somewhat like flowers, and
Somewhat misty

His life and his home, is
filled with her heart
The joy is palpable on his face

And then he got up from his sleep
Realizing it was all a dream
His heart broke a little
but not too much
He knew she was around
and she will soon give in

He walked to her room,
where he had kept her chained
From the day he abducted her
few years back

Soon, very soon
He thought
Soon, very soon
He told himself

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“Everything you can imagine is real” — Pablo Picasso

Wednesday, 3 June 2015


“Stop it” Maria screamed.

“Who are you? Stop following me. Stop screaming in my ears. Come out if you need help but please those screams are breaking my heart. Who are you?”

She waited for the answer but no one replied. It was white all around with snow. There was no one in sight as far as she could look and suddenly the screams started again.

“Help me. Help me”

Covering her ears with her hands tightly, Maria ran towards her home. This had been going on for weeks but she had no idea who was following her and screaming for help. As soon as she reached home, Maria went about her routine like normal, trying to forget the screams. She had been thinking about telling Elan about it but it looked like he was not in a good mood and she knew it better to irk him more. His fist prints still looked fresh on her cheeks. She made coffee and then dinner, just like Elan expected her to do. Later at night she laid herself down on the bed and let Elan use her body in every unthinkable way. It was normal for her. There was an acceptance between them. He had accepted her dark past and she had accepted his dark present.

Sometime around midnight Maria got up startled. She was sweating. At first she thought she was dreaming but then she heard it again, the heart rending, tragic scream. Someone was screaming for help in her ears loudly. She turned around and saw Elan. He was sleeping peacefully, looking like an angel. If only our inner demons would show on our face, she thought.

And then she heard it again. Afraid that she might wake up Elan, Maria ran out to the drawing room but the scream followed her. It was getting louder and louder.

Maria didn’t know what to do, so she started running. She was running as fast as she could, bare feet and in only a T-shirt. The scream was following her and was getting louder and louder.

And then suddenly, just like that she started screaming with the scream, saying it over and over again “Help me”

It was only then she realized the screams were always her’s. It was her. She had been without a voice for so long that she didn’t realize when it came back; her voice of reason. It had been her all the time, screaming for help.

Maria finally realized; it was time to get help. And she screamed “HELP ME”

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Wednesday, 27 May 2015



Shama was walking fast. It was already dark and she still had a lot of work to finish. If only she had not forgotten to get tomatoes in the morning, she would have been done with dinner by now. She wiped the sweat off her forehead and a smile lit her face, as she thought of her two little bundles of joy at home. Her younger one had made a tomato train in the morning and she had ended up spoiling all of them.

Shama still couldn't believe they were already 6 and 9 years old. It seemed only yesterday Saurabh and she had gotten married. She was a Muslim and Sauarbh was a Hindu Brahmin. Both of them were ousted by their families but they had not cared. They had settled in this new city and before they knew it, they were a family of four. Life had been like a dream for her till that dreadful day; the day Saurabh left them forever. She shivered as she thought of his last day. How he had hugged them before leaving and how his last words were “I won’t take too long”. He took long; he never came back and since then life had been really difficult for her.

Somehow in last 4 years she had managed to get a job inspite of her lack of any professional education. Slowly but gradually their life was getting back on the track. They didn’t have everything but they had enough to survive; above all they had each other.

Lost in these thoughts Shama was waiting for the traffic light to turn red. As soon as the light turned red, she started to cross the road. The windows of her home were visible. She hurried looking at them. Her girls would be waiting for her she thought. Lost in these thoughts she didn’t notice the speeding truck. Shama was flung high in the air. Her clothes went hay wire and she could feel the strength of the moving beast over her; she could feel the mush of her skin and bones; her bones crushed into her heart; she could feel her heart breaking into million pieces literally, as she thought of her daughters and then just like that she felt nothing. The dark took over. She laid there still holding the vegetable bag in her hand. The red of tomato was blending with the red of her.

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