Monday, 14 August 2017

Let's Play

As a mother I am a firm believer in letting my kids have lots and lots of free uninterrupted play time. But it is easier said than done. I have two growing up boys and like most of us living in Mumbai, very limited space. I have been looking out for options which would not only satiate the ever growing boys’ need of adventure but is also safe and secure. While discussing the same thing with one of my friends who was in the same dilemma, I came to know about this place which my friend said , “ It is as adventurous as rock climbing but safe enough for even a 5 year old to do it”.

It sounded like a perfect solution to my problem. Of course I landed up at the place as soon as possible. But like any concerned mother, I was not sure of what I would find. I had so many questions! Will it be safe? Will it be clean? Are my kids too young for this? This looks scary, will they be able to do it? Etc etc

But I kid you not; my each and every worry was put to rest. The place not only looked magnificent, it was safe and kid friendly too. I was relieved to see that the staff made sure even my 5 year old really naughty brat sat down and listened to the instructions before they started.

The safety harness was up to date and all kids were personally attended by the staff. Before I talk about how awesome the facilities were, I would like to say a few more things about the staff. Both my kids were helped and encouraged on every thing that they tried. My elder one took to it like a pro but was still diligently followed and taken care of by the staff. My 5 year old on the other hand was really scared and was absolutely refusing to even try anything. It was the cajoling, help and encouragement of the staff that he indeed tried almost everything and ended up having a ball.

The facilities at the place were absolutely awesome. It is one of the best adventure spaces I have seen for kids. They have made a perfect use of the space. Each and everything looks like someone has paid a special attention to the needs of kids.

There were a lot of kids enjoying and still it didn’t seem over crowded. Everything is very well organised. My kids even after hours didn’t want to come back. From that day to now, I get asked almost daily about going back to “Let’s play”. As a mother it is really reassuring to find a place that is not only kid friendly and warm but it also takes care of the adventure needs of growing up kids. We cannot wait to go back to it and this time it won’t only be kids having fun. We are planning to join them as well. Yes, the place is not only for kids, it is as fun for adults too.  

We are all set to visit again with a huge group of friends. What are you waiting for? Let Us All Play Together! Let's Play!

Check out more details of the place here and here

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