A bit about me

Yours Truely "Sfurti" aka Juzt a mom"

 "Mother by choice and by heart, researcher by profession. My life revolves around my two little bundles of joy. This blog is about my struggles, my wins, the awesome and awful moments that make you a parent. This is my space and I would love to share mine and learn from the experiences of other parents"

Here are some random and interesting facts about me

1) I like free time, the nothing and no one time..time when I don’t have to do anything, Talk 2 anyone..

2) Always in very bad mood in mornings

3) I don't like getting attached to too many people, have really few friends...7

4) Very scared of flying..veryyyyyy

5) Very scared of lifts..veryy

6) Love looking at water..have never dared to go inside

7)Always take mental frames of pictures...never end up buying a good camera

8) Love looking at evening sky..fascinating

9)Love reading...anything..anywhere..from books..to cartons..to cereal box..just anything

10) Hate cricket..waste of time

11)Love dancing..can dance for hours and hours

12) Facsinated by old structures..keep thinking of their history

13) Sensitive about how you talk to me but sometimes blind spot about how I talk 2 others :-)

14) Can't stand a dirty kitchen

15) Love playing with kids

16) Love kids..just talking to them puts me in a good mood

17) Can never let go of old things

18) Love shoes..only flats but

19) Don't get sick ever but break a lot of bones

20) Like following the same routine daily, don't like changes, any sudden change can put me into a very bad mood

21) NEVER late, very very punctual and expect the same from others

22) Very detailed oriented, have OCD about it.

23) Plan everything in advance, expect others to follow it :-)

24) Love old hindi film music, specially Dev anand songs

25) Use to fight against everything which was wrong, learning to let go and not pay attention to small things.


  1. The only thing that brain-stuck me was the 2nd point. Live every moment to the fullest. Don't always think from mind...or infact, don't think at all, just go for what you wish to...dont worry of what people would think. we aren't here to impress others..
    have a good day..and a happy life ahead (with your angels in the lovely pic above)....:)

    1. Thanks so much Arish...you are right. I do tend to think a lot..plan a lot...may be not what others would think but I think I have kept bars quite high for myself!

  2. Good to know so many things about you. I see some common ground. What struck me the most was "Never get sick, break a lot of bones". I might be a real devil to have found it funny!

    1. Hey Ritu :)...It is kind of funny for others, but not for my bones :)

  3. Most of them sound like me - except cricket and old Hindi movies.
    I love cricket, trying to black out all fixing news.
    And certainly except the breaking of bones!!! karate champ ??

    1. Hey Sini, glad to know you are somewhat like me :). And no karate just truck load of bad luck!!! :)

  4. Good! Got to know more about you Juztamum (sfurti)
    Except 2,4,5,20,22 and 24 , others I an closely relate too :)

    1. Thanks Uma...nice to know that we are somewhat similar :)

  5. Baki sab aacha hain, but point# 10 :(

  6. We have a lot in common... Would love to read your creations...

  7. Hi Sfurti,

    Great blog you have! What better way to write an about page! Many things common with me too :-). One thing different though. I have decided to change and forcefully liking it :-).


  8. Wow!!! Some similarities for sure.


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