Monday, 31 March 2014


Spotless beaming with pride
A symbol of undying love
As white as purity
As pure as white
The silence echoes the song of love
The beauty reflects the beauty of loved

Each corner each wall
Has a story
Of an unsaid touch

The white absorbs
the heat and warmth
of bodies and soul
united at core
united in love

Each rise each fall
Has a tale
Of numerous nights
numerous lives
spent in a moment
spent in a night

Each step each pillar
is red in love
yet white and bright
Living a borrowed life
Of love and loved
United in life
United in death

(C) Juztamom 2014

Shared with NaPoWriMo Day 1 prompt Ekphrasis poem 

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A for Abundance

Today marks the first day of a month long journey called AtoZ Challenge. Each day will be a new letter, a new word and a new expression from my pen. Right now I have a lot of nerves, eager anticipation and expectation of a wonderful journey with my co-bloggers. I hope I do justice to the month and to my theme. But before I share with you my first expression I would like to say a special thanks to Arlee Bird for initializing this wonderful concept and also join me in wishing him a very Happy Birthday.

Few days back I shared my theme for the month. You can read it in detail here. Daily I will share with you a few snippets of my normal day through Haiku (a form of Japanese poetry). I will try to cover as much as I can in 17 syllables or less. Though my rendition is more an adopted English version and it doesn’t follow the strict rule of 5-7-5 syllables of a Japanese Haiku.

A for Abundance
Day 1- A

"laughter galore
love overflowing

Each day, every day in my life starts with a feeling of abundance, a feeling of having more than enough love and joy.

What about you? Do you think you have enough? What is it that you want more and what are the things in your day that make you feel content/satisfied with your life?

A special mention of a special friend  "Vinay aka Leo" who blogs at artofleo. He not only introduced me to "Haiku" but taught me everything that I know about the form. I never had an opportunity to thank him for his support and patience. So here it is Leo I am ever thankful to you for not only guiding me but also being so patient with me inspite of my million questions and zillion mistakes. He is also doing AtoZ, please show him some love friends.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014


Her brows are sweaty and she is licking her lips. She looks nervous I can sense it. She moves her hand in her hair and then slowly brings it down to her neck and adjusts her necklace. I ogle at her long slender neck with defined bones. I can’t take my eyes from it. I am in love again. Yes she is it. She will be my hundredth. How can I not take her? How do I let her go?

 I was tempted to cross the road, grab her in my arms, touch her soft face, slowly caress her neck and then break it, twist it, choke her till she stops breathing. Just the thought of that neck slowly dying in my hand is giving me a high that no drugs have ever given me. I start crossing the road, whistling to myself. I still can’t believe my luck of finding her alone in this deserted lane.

Suddenly a car stops in front of her and she hops in it too quickly. Even before I could blink the car starts moving.

I thought of running after it but then stop and smile. This has become more fun now. It was far too easy like this. There is no bigger rush than the chase of the prey. I write down the number of the car in my mobile and whistle loudly again.

“I hope you enjoy your last night sweetheart. I know I will”

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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Being Me

"Being me is being crazy in love with life"

"Tiny steps
Little dreams
Being me
Is being a teen

Kodak moments
Shouts and hurrays
Being me
Is being lost in a holiday

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Friday, 21 March 2014

AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal

My first year at AtoZ Challenge and I am not jittery or nervous yet. I don’t know why? But I am sure I will sail through it. I can see many raising their eyebrows and thinking she has no idea what she has gotten herself into. It’s true I have no idea. May be that’s why I am not nervous, maybe that’s why I am so eagerly looking forward to it.

Initially I thought of going ahead without a theme. It somehow seemed easier but soon I realised I want to streamline my thought process. I want to define what I want to write because I have a tendency of going random and wild, writing random and long. So it will always be better to create a boundary for my ever wandering heart and pen.

Now came the question of how do I define my creativity? How do I limit the pen?

Answer was actually quite easy. There are a few things I am persistent and consistent about. I chose two things that I love a lot. Poetry more specifically “Haiku” and my kids. I wanted to write something which included both. After a lot of thinking through, I have narrowed it down to the following: (Drum Rolls please)

A to Challenge Theme reveal blogfest
AtoZ Theme Reveal Blog Hop

“A day in my life”
Each day, every day in my life right now is full of surprises and excitement. There are so many words always flowing in the air and floating in my head. What is better than giving a small peek of my life?
And what is better than a Haiku, an art form that restricts and still sets you free and wild?

“Laughter, tears
Never-ending wilderness
A day in my life”

A Haiku dedicated to my theme :). I hope I do justice to the form and remain committed to it for the whole month.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Girl From Small Town

A girl from small town
A poet, a joker, a nosey clown
Runs around and laughs out loud
For she is thankful for the beautiful day

The blooming colors
The entwined garlands
The warmth and the chill in the air
Makes it a perfect day
A day she longs to remember
Through the year
A day she hopes will last
Through the year
A day she was born on
A day she wishes to live in
A day which is red, green and blue,
A day which is yellow, orange and brown
It is her birthday
Birthday of a girl from small town

No big parties,
No big gifts
She hopes for just
Small little bliss
Her friends,
Her family,
Her town
Around her
With her
Her world wrapped
In her world

Cheerful with smiles galore
Singing loudly
Rocking the floor
On her birthday
On my birthday

What more could I ask for
Small little moments of joy
On my birthday
For I am a just a girl
From a small town

(C) Juztamom 2014

Shared with Poets United Midweek Motif-Happy Birthday. A wonderful prompt to write on birthdays just a few days before my birthday :)

Monday, 3 March 2014

What Makes Our Home?

What makes our home...ours?
Our house, the furniture,
The new cutlery or the picture frame
The matching curtain or the uncanny rug
What makes our home..ours?

The games, the fights,
Rock, paper, scissor OR hide and seek
The pile of clothes and the showing of teeth
The laughs the tears
The stories the fears
The collectibles, the memories,
What makes our home...ours?

The handprints on the wall
Or the imprints on our heart
The nicely stacked book case
Or the storybook hiding behind the vase

The tip toe of tiny feet in the afternoon
The shoo the shaa of little voices
Hiding behind the cabinet
Lost in wonderland
Refusing to sleep

The stories, the tickles
The tantrums and the giggles
What makes our home...ours?

Our hands held below the table
The footsie or the remote fight
The stolen hug, the caress,
Goodbyes and welcomes
The late night drives
Or our impromptu  jives
The cold of the night
Or the warmth of the heart
What makes our home...ours

It is you, it is me,
It is us
We are our home
We are our world
Our home is ours because we are together
Seasons will change
Regions will change
Colors will fade
Black will become grey
Grey will become invisible
But hearts bonded for life
Destinies linked for life
This all will remain our miracle
We will remain us

We will make our home..ours forever

(C) Juztamom 2014

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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Musings Of A Not So Confused Gal

What if you have a place which is full of all your favorite things in life?
What if in one plate you could find every food you like? Every taste you love?
What if before consuming it you had no idea how good it could be and then you get addicted?
What if a routine day turns into something extraordinary just by a few lines?
What if a few lines written by someone else becomes your expressions?
What if you could feel the pain of a stranger only by a peep in her world?
What if you could laugh with someone only by a glance at her joy?
What if someone opens a new world to you just by writing a few lines?

All this and many more is what I have found in the blog that I am sharing with you today. The blogger is a good friend, I love her work and I couldn’t think of any other blog to talk about but her’s.
Here’s introducing the musings of a not so confused gal “Pankti Mehta and her blog

Pankti has a way with words. Words in her world flow magically. You never know when you leave your world and become a part of hers. You don’t feel the journey, you just see the destination. You live her stories.

Mind you some of her stories would break your heart in a thousand pieces. I have cried with her characters. There is a dark side to her as a writer that appeals to me the most. She is a brilliant story teller. Her stories are full of charisma, allure, love, pain and hope.

Let me tell you about the story that I like the most from her work. It is story from a different land “Industrious Land”. Story of Lali a girl from Industrious land and Himank a prince of snooze land. This story will transport you into a different time. I felt a part of it though it is strangely impossible to relate to it, yet the emotions are weaved in such that you won’t notice the strangeness of things. That is what the writer does. She convinces you of something that you could never imagine or dream of.
You can read the full story here.

 Next I would like to share something else that I love from her work. From the story of a strange land to the story of Simmi and Arpit which she is presenting as a series. It is called "For you". I have read few parts of the story and I loved the simplicity of it. Again I ended being a part of the story and could feel Simmi’s confusion and pain. When she was attracted to Arpit, I felt the attraction. When her heart broke, so did mine. I am hoping Simmi finds her solace in the story.
You can read it here.

I earlier spoke about connecting with the dark side of her. Let me share with you few words from a beautiful poem written by her. This is a poem I absolutely love. So much that I remember it by heart.

I am broken but alive,
Living and breathing,
Not cold and dead.
I may be beaten, but still I will fight,
I may yield but still I will stand straight,

I may get hurt but still I will hold my head high.
To defeat me, you will have to kill me,
Until then, I am broken but alive.
Living and breathing.

I leave you munching on these lines and I hope, rather I am sure there is something in her writing that will connect with you. And I am sure you will love her work as much as I do.

And last but not least I am really proud to share with you that Pankti is going to be a published author soon. Her most celebrated work will be soon available in the form of a novella. Something that I am looking forward to quite eagerly.

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Saturday, 1 March 2014


I grab my car keys and at a frantic pace run and come out of the main door only to realise that my car is not where I parked it and that shadow is still following me. Suddenly I start feeling very cold and realise that I have no clothes on, that I am completely naked but inspite of that I continue to run towards the main road with a hope that somebody will see me, hear me and hopefully save me from him. As I reach the main road I realise there is a huge commotion on the side, everyone is standing and looking at something familiar. I run towards it and see that it is my car rammed against the tree covered in blood. I try to cover myself with my hands and start screaming, start asking what is happening, who is in my car but no one is looking at me, it’s like they can’t hear me, like I am invisible. 

Shadow of the Colossus - epic by OldaccountYAMISHIN

Suddenly I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around and see that shadow, a man with no face, a man with only a dark stature and no features. He holds my hand and tells me, this is you inside the car, you are dead. I am your shadow, your karma, everything you owned is gone, everyone you loved is left behind, from this moment on you have only me. He engulfs me and says I am as fair as your actions were and as black as thoughts were which means from this moment on You Are Me.

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The Road Less Travelled

What is right for you,
May not be right for me
For what is right for all of you,
May not be right for tiny me

I am tiny but different
You are huge and indifferent
To me and my life,
My life and my choices
You are engrossed in your life,
Drowning in your rules
Pulling me down with your stones

You are what you were supposed to be
Not what you could have been
What if I don’t want to be you?
What if I don’t want to be defined?
What if I want to be, what I could be?
What could I be?

File:Flickr - Laenulfean - crossroads.jpg

I could only know if I travel the road I am not meant to be on
If I take the path unknown
If I scrape the landscape untouched
Only if I take the road not taken,

The road less travelled

(C) Juztamom 2014

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Shared with Real toads. Inspired from one of my favorite poems "The Road not taken" by Robert Frost. You can read it here. I hope I did some justice to this wonderful piece.


Hidden behind the wall I see a shadow of a man, a man I supposedly love. His hands are around her waist; almost embracing her whole body, caressing slowly, his mouth is hungrily feeding on her mouth with a hunger that I have never experienced with him. My husband of 6 years who once said he would die but touch any other woman, who rarely touched me anymore, is ravishing someone else and then suddenly they turn and I see her face. 

Tears roll down my cheeks and I yell in disbelief as I see my best friend, my life support in my husband’s arms. True to his word my husband has not touched any other woman; he is with "V", my friend, my best friend, my guy friend Vikas!

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