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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Pieces Of Me

Lost in the neverland,
beaten and broken
If you look around me
you will see,
just pieces
scattered here and there

Look at that,
a piece of my heart
red and bleeding,but 
not dead,
still beating
I let it go,but 
it didn’t let me
It still has blood,
It still has love

Look at that,
a piece of my eyes,
glassy and tearful
I wanted it to shut down
I wanted to suck out all the dreams, but
it didn’t let me
It wanted to see,
the mystery of tomorrow,
the after of sorrow

Look at that,
a piece of my leg,
all slaughtered and chewed
I wanted it to stop walking, but
it refused to do so,
it wants to travel,
so many places to unravel

Look at that,
a piece of my hand,
shaking and trembling, but
refusing to let go
of the pen
of the verse, still
floating in the air
I wanted to give up, but
 it didn’t let me
So many more
chapters to live
So many more
chapters to write

Look at that,
a piece of my soul,
lying robbed and slain
I wanted it to leave me, but
it is still holding on
Holding on to me,
the little child of it,
waiting for it to grow

Look at that,
a piece of my body,
lying naked and wanting
I wanted to leave it alone,
to let the thirst die,
to douse the fire
It is burning on,
eating through the darkness,
beaming through the pyre
of a dead yesterday
and looking forward
to the better tomorrow

Dedicated to E.E.Cummings and inspired from one of my favorite poems “I Will Wade Out” by him.

Friday, 8 August 2014

I Was Alive Once

I was alive once
Breathing in the scent of earth
Kissing the pearls of rain
Extending my hands
And enveloping the warmth of sun

I was alive once
I danced in the moon light
I ran to the ocean
I made sand castles
And I went with the motions

I was alive once
I questioned, I reasoned
I got angry, and I threatened
I cried in pain
And I cried silly in joy

I was alive once
Once for a very long time
Once a very long time ago
Before I met you
And then I died

Death Spawn by D3vilusion

I am dead now and forever
I have no voice
I have no fervour
I don’t talk
I just listen
I don’t walk
I just follow
I don’t question
I only answer
In yes and no

I am the skeleton
Of what I was
I represent
What could have been
A great life
But is now a carcass

I was alive once
But I am not anymore

(C) Juztamom

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Road Less Travelled

What is right for you,
May not be right for me
For what is right for all of you,
May not be right for tiny me

I am tiny but different
You are huge and indifferent
To me and my life,
My life and my choices
You are engrossed in your life,
Drowning in your rules
Pulling me down with your stones

You are what you were supposed to be
Not what you could have been
What if I don’t want to be you?
What if I don’t want to be defined?
What if I want to be, what I could be?
What could I be?

File:Flickr - Laenulfean - crossroads.jpg

I could only know if I travel the road I am not meant to be on
If I take the path unknown
If I scrape the landscape untouched
Only if I take the road not taken,

The road less travelled

(C) Juztamom 2014

Image credit here
Shared with Real toads. Inspired from one of my favorite poems "The Road not taken" by Robert Frost. You can read it here. I hope I did some justice to this wonderful piece.

Friday, 28 February 2014

Who Am I

I run through the day as good as a puppet
You pull one string and I dance
You pull the other and I sing
You leave me I fall
You push me I swing
I live thousand lives with you
I have spent thousand lives with you
But have I lived?

I float through the motions
As light as air
Air with no ripples,
Air but no wind
I float, fly and wonder
Through so many earths
Through so many dearths
But don’t feel travelled
I don’t feel lived

I swim through the water
Wading through waves
Drowning and dying
Burning and crying
I float through thousand oceans
I drink thousand potions
But don’t feel lived

I walk on the road
I am you
I am her
I am him
I am straight
I am single
I am married
I have wrinkles
I tip toe
I limp
I am young
I am old
But who am I?
I am flying but crippled
I am swimming but no ripples
I am alive but dead
I am living but not
I am every mask around me and I forgot

Who am I?

(C) Juztamom 2014

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Don't give up

Don’t give up
Just yet
It seems alone and dark
It looks tough and stark
But you have just started
There are miles to go
There are millions to know
Fall is just a season
Dusk is just an hour
There is sun and light
World is pretty and bright
Don’t look down
Just yet
Look out
Look up
No don’t give up
Just yet

Round the corner
Is my home
I am there
You are never alone
I will walk with you
I will be your wings
I will love you ever
No don’t be afraid
Just yet
Even if its dark
I am still out there
So don’t give up
Just yet

Days are tough
Roads are rough
You are bare
And you are sore
Legs are young
and refuse to walk anymore
Eyes are tired
Refuse to see anymore
No don’t close your eyes
Just yet
There is a wonderful world to see
There are thousand places to be
No don’t give up
Just yet

Come to me
Lets walk together
Be me and I will be you forever
Let’s walk the distance together
We are alone but not lonely
I am you and you are me
No don’t cry just yet
No don’t sigh just yet
Get up now and dust your hands
There are a thousand hearts to mend
There are a million smiles to spread
There are a thousand words to speak
No don’t die
Just yet
There are a thousand lives to live

Saturday, 12 October 2013


I am free
Free of forms
Forms that bind
Bind to love, life and duties
Duties that are endless
Endless hours and thankless job
Job became I
I was stuck
Stuck in the hours
Hours that flew
Flew but never ended
Ended but were always there
There I was stuck
Stuck in the circle
Circle of life
Life I lived but never did
Did I live?
Live through others was my life
Life that I lived but never did
Did I live?
Live..yes I did but like a dead
Dead I am but alive more than my life
Life that was spent on others
Others whom I left behind
Behind my walls, shelves, racks and death
Death is liberating
Liberating and free
Free I am
Am I dead?
Dead but alive

Alive more than life

Friday, 20 September 2013

Only Yesterday

I look into your eyes
And see the days gone by
Has it really been that long?
Since we met
Since we held hands
Since we first danced
How many years have gone by
Since that first glance

It was only yesterday when you I saw you laugh
And you took my heart away
It was only now when you winked at me
And together we swayed
All our firsts are still firsts
Million steps taken,
Million dreams dreamt
Zillion rules broken
Zillion lives spent
Only yesterday

So many songs still to learn
So many stories still to write
So many nights still to burn
So many fights still to fight
How have we already spent years together?
It was only yesterday when I didn’t know you,
When I wondered if you were there,
When I thought I would never find you
When I was a lost soul clobbered in a queue;
Waiting, wanting, lusting and rotting

I don’t remember
all the steps we took
all the bridges we crossed
all the pains and tears
all the panic and fears

I do remember
Your hands tightly around me
Your eyes always on me
Your hug and its warmth
Your words and your laughs
I do remember you
Always there for me
Just like it was yesterday,
The first time we were we

As we grow old together,
I see our shadows getting longer and longer
Our memories stronger and stronger
May our today be as long as yesterday
May our future be as together as today

(C) Juztamom 2013

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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Master of puppets

 I am a broken toy without your string
Still dancing without you
Alive but fading each second without you
Master of puppets

You asked me to leverage my best
Let go of my past
Burn like a candle
Eat dark and spread light
Burn little by little
Scald little by little
Die but live

like a cricket’s quiet courting song
Knowing the love is near yet long
Voice weak yet strong

Be the carriage of borrowed glow
Like a moon 
Round still edgy
Dark still beaming
With a belief in goodness

On the edge of precipice
Wanting to fly on fall
But your words keep me grounded
My promise keeps me alive
Away from you,
To be with you,
With my words for you
Master of puppets

I wonder like calypso in Odyssey
Waiting for you to be immortal
Knowing that this is just a bubble
That you are gone
Leaving me alone
Asking me to wait
For the dawn
Master of puppets

Your dreams pepper and infuse
fancy in reality
bite after bite
Of your love
thrust after thrust
Of your lust
cryptic and real
Raged and surreal
Your memories
Your touch
Master of puppets

I rise like soufflĂ© 
rapidly falling in a fizz
drumbeats of your kiss
still banging in an abyss
You climb up in each moments
Moments that are broken
Moments those are empty
Moments that are bare
Because you are not there
But I am there keeping your words

Being alive

(C)Juztamom 2013

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