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Monday, 2 November 2015

The Wait

It is the 9th night. She had counted. This is the place; this is the exact spot where she had lost everything. This is where her life was. Chitra walks on her foot prints again. She likes doing that; walking on the same footprint again and again. It feels like she is living in her past again. Like everything is the same; nothing is changed.

What has changed anyway? The moon is still effervescent, glowing in love. The soft waves are still touching her feet. She wishes she could feel the soft, warm touch of the waves again. The sand castle that they had built was not there but the memories of it were still fresh. Her hands over his, his hands over her’s, their laughter mixed with the fresh scent of salty water. It is all fresh in her mind. She remembers how it was and how it had all changed.  That day was as beautiful as this night is. It was full of promises. They had walked hand in hand, laughing, playing and talking about how wonderful their future would be. The two souls lost in each other.  They had built a sand castle, their dream home. It was the starting of a dream; a dream both of them were sure would come true.


Lost in her dreams, she had walked towards the ocean. Lost in her thoughts, she had ignored the warning sounds. She didn’t see him yelling and coming towards her. She just remembers he was calling her name. And then she remembers floating on water, feeling light and light and then feeling formless. The feeling was surreal but she knew it was true. She had seen her body; the body that had betrayed her. Each and every part of her body had betrayed her except her heart. Her heart is still throbbing in love. It now shines red and blue. It is red when she sees him and blue when it weeps. The red and blue both glow, reflecting her love for him. There are days when the blue completely engulfs her  and there are days when she bleeds red in love. This beach has seen it all; the red and the blue. The past and the present. It bleeds and throbs red in her love and it cries and weeps blue in her pain.

She had tried leaving the beach a few times but she keeps coming back here. Her life or her afterlife is here. Her soul is still entwined with his. She can’t go anywhere, for her dream home, her heart; a piece of her soul is here. She can’t leave without collecting all her pieces. She can’t leave without feeling complete. She can’t leave without him.


Saturday, 29 March 2014


Her brows are sweaty and she is licking her lips. She looks nervous I can sense it. She moves her hand in her hair and then slowly brings it down to her neck and adjusts her necklace. I ogle at her long slender neck with defined bones. I can’t take my eyes from it. I am in love again. Yes she is it. She will be my hundredth. How can I not take her? How do I let her go?

 I was tempted to cross the road, grab her in my arms, touch her soft face, slowly caress her neck and then break it, twist it, choke her till she stops breathing. Just the thought of that neck slowly dying in my hand is giving me a high that no drugs have ever given me. I start crossing the road, whistling to myself. I still can’t believe my luck of finding her alone in this deserted lane.

Suddenly a car stops in front of her and she hops in it too quickly. Even before I could blink the car starts moving.

I thought of running after it but then stop and smile. This has become more fun now. It was far too easy like this. There is no bigger rush than the chase of the prey. I write down the number of the car in my mobile and whistle loudly again.

“I hope you enjoy your last night sweetheart. I know I will”

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