Friday, 7 June 2013

Candid moments with Ar

My elder one Ar is growing really fast and is daily coming up with new antics. I needed a place to journal these candid moments with him, hence I am starting a new section " Candid Moments with Ar"...(which I cross my heart and promise I will use to embarrass him when I am old and I have nothing better to do :D)

A really cute episode from last week

"Ar: Mumma see I made Hulladho car (From lego)
Me: Hulladho?? (thinking hard...really hard!)
Me: Aah its alladin beta not Hulladho (Impressed that he remembered the story after months) A big kiss on the cheeks
Ar: Arey no no tell me name of both uncle and aunty
Me: Aunty..who aunty in Alladin??
Me: Alladin and 40 chor right?
Ar: No that song on TV with “No pants aunty”
"Hulladho ee hai,..fir bepui hai..tere pyar main”(Song from the movie Race: Allah duhai hai..) 
Me: Jaw on the floor!!!!


  1. ROFL.. Kids.. there is no dearth of such moments with them..

    1. Haha yes Priya..each day brings so many moments to be framed :))


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