Saturday, 29 June 2013


Late night chats, tucked in with you
Nothing to plan, nothing to worry,
Endless words, incessant chatter
Relentless gossips and inaudible laughters
You spoke I gasped, I spoke you grinned
You cried I wept, I sobbed you cried
Hands held together, nothing left unsaid
Hearts conjoined, tucked in the bed

The hidden signals, the veiled curses,
Your nose twist, my invisible wink, our rolling of eyes
Neighbourhood Romeos, my whistles, our sprints and our lies
Getting caught, getting punished, their shouts and sighs
Our promise to never do it again
And then doing it again

Never ending fun, never ending lessons
Memories of adolescence
Countless days
Countless nights

Countless moments with you

"Dedicated to my sweetheart sis...My best friend for life"


  1. I don't have words to say anything, it's lovely. Love you alot !!!!!!!

  2. Haha...wonderful. I can imagine doing all these things ;)

    1. Haha...I am sure you did much more like me :))

  3. That's beautiful composition.Like the words 'memory of adolescence'

  4. That is a very Nice Poem..Even I remember those days of Adolescence when I used to do such things...

  5. What a beautiful many lovely memories. This made me smile.


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