Thursday, 27 June 2013


Whenever you are lonely
Whenever you are sad
Just fill your heart with hopes
And try’n look ahead
He is there for you
Carrying all the reds
Sharing all the blues
He is there for you

Whenever you feel empty
Whenever you feel mad
Just fill your heart with feelings
And try’n move ahead
Because he is there for you
Walking with you
Checking all the moves
He is there for you

 Whenever you feel cheated
Whenever you feel left alone
Just fill your heart with visions
And try’n see ahead
Because he is there for you
Sharing your vision

Looking out for you, to see you go through
He is there for you

Whenever you are on top
Whenever you feel complete
Just fill your heart with thanks
And try’n look back
He was there for you
He is there for you
And he will be there for you

Penned on 21st July 1997

This is dedicated to the hero, the mentor, the guide in everyone’s life. Some have their parents, some their teachers and some their friends but I am dedicating this to the hero of my life “God” because he is the only one always there for me, looking out for me, loving me, taking care of me, the one with whom I have always shared all my feelings.

I know many don’t believe in his presence but I can feel him all the time. I can feel his hands always on my shoulders holding me tight

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  1. Lovely poem.Do check my travel and adventure stories at

  2. Beautiful poem...
    And hey, I do believe in God...
    He is there and does make His presence felt whenever I need Him.

  3. While reading you.. i could relate it to my Hero ... My Almighty too :)
    odd or bad ... happy or sad .. I have always found my hero around..feels lucky .. makes me glad :)

    1. Same here Mysay...I can feel him around me all the time. He may not listen to me everytime but he is there..

  4. nice composition. my hero too is god to whom I take refuge whenever I feel blue.

  5. Agreed. I was wondering who could do so much for any one. God! Yes. He is the Hero.

  6. you know I am agnostic. So skeptical :)

    1. Yes Pankti I know :). But it doesn't have to be god or anyone else..You can be the hero!


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