Thursday, 27 June 2013

Your face

Big eyes, naughty smile
Chin under the chin
With dimples to kill
Your face, my world

Curled lashes, lovely brows
Innocent tears, killer flare
Your face, my world

(C) Juz a Mum

Long hair, melting stare
Feelings so true, Love so rare
Your face, my world

Earnest grin, beaming ear to ear
Thousand looks, scuttling here to there
Your face, my world

Your face my world
Your hugs my heaven
Your kiss my bliss
Your words my books
Your eyes my dreams
Your touch my life
Your face my world life


  1. Wonderful composition. Like the words: 'your eyes, my dreams'

  2. That is very nicely composed....Loved every words in it... :-)

  3. beautiful kid .. and an equally beautiful poem !! I am sure, you cherish the moments if parenting .. and I feel so good whenever I drop by on your blog :)
    Not all women of the date think alike .. work .. money .. not to blame them .. but then .. parenting exciting ,inspiring,so much you learn !

    1. Thanks Mysay..You are right not everyone is each his/her own. I live for them....each day with them is bag full of innumerable memories that I will cherish for ever..

  4. ah, joys of parenting....very emotional

  5. a lovely composition for the tot...:)


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