Friday, 28 June 2013

I walk barefoot

I walk barefoot with no direction
My direction lost with you
You scratched my soul
You stabbed deep in my heart
The void is still there
Your marks are still there
I look for you in no direction

I walk barefoot with no direction
I walk leaving blood spots
If you ever come looking for me
You will find my blood,
You will find pieces of me scattered here and there
I keep falling in no direction

I walk barefoot with no direction
With sin eating me away one by one
Nothing left, all eaten away
I only have eyes left, to wait for you
I wait for you in no direction

Written for  fireblosson friday on Real toads 


  1. Tragic and wonderful. Such hurt and pain caused by another person.

  2. I can feel the loss in this. The repetition works really well.

  3. I agree with Lola and the repetition reinforces the feel of footsteps and heartbeat...

    Great response.

  4. What a beautiful expression! You have a way with words Sf!

  5. So painful. Liked the intensity of it.

  6. This is definitely what loss feels like and I love the way the repeating lines enhance and underline those feelings. Beautifully done.

  7. I feel the pain of loss throughout this piece. The repetition is so effective.

  8. Truly heart-felt writing. Full of hurt and hope.

  9. Piercing. Found this very moving.

  10. Can feel the emotional longing. Enjoyed this poem.

  11. You will find pieces of me scattered here and there - so much pain in your words. Could feel the loss!

  12. This is haunting and made more so by the repetition, which only intensifies the lost feeling.


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