Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Wild Daisy

Early in the morning I saw you there

Standing tall, standing pretty with a beauty rare

Standing white amongst the sea of green

Standing white with a yellow flair

Smile dwelling on your lips..

White blossoms and grips

Welcoming the early sunrays, reflecting the purity of pure

Petals curled and demure

Just standing there absorbing the morning dew

Colored butterflies creating rainbow around you

I stand there stunned and glued....

Chained to your beauty

Amazed at your glow

Wondering in my heart how are you so pure?

Why are you so happy?

I wonder how you look at the world?

Do you wonder how the world looks at you?

May be not now, may be never

Is that why you are so happy?

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  1. Amazingly described.. and the last stanza.. really stands out.. happy cuz one doesn't care how the world looks at you!! Very nice

  2. Beautifully penned!
    I'm happy to see your old commenting format...
    Keep rhyming...

  3. White daisies are my favorite flower...they do look happy, don't they? You make a great question/point in your close!

    1. Poet Laundry.Thanks and welcome to my blog.Yes, my favorite too. Beautiful and so pure!!

  4. "Do you wonder how the world looks at you?" ... and the answering last line is really good!

  5. Aren't daisies the most optimistic of posies ?! Chipper and cheery!

    1. Yes Susan..super cheery and smiley :). Thanks for visiting my blog!


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