Tuesday 18 June 2013

Unveiling the themes for PADE

Photo A Day Experiment (PADE) was announced earlier and now it is time to introduce the themes for the month of July. I’m doing PADE in collaboration with Ritu KT, whom I introduced in my post earlier (Here)

Following is a list of 31 themes we will be covering in July. These themes are chosen from a pool of themes created by both of us.

We will be doing themes in the order 1 -31. You are welcome to do it with us and leave your post links in the linky tool below each post for the challenge starting 1st July.

We’ll announce the “Shutterbug of the day” everyday from the entries we receive through the linky tool each day. 

From those 31 Shutterbugs, we’ll select one “Ace Shutterbug” in the end of July.

You also have the option to do the challenge in any order.

I hope you’ll come and join us in this journey. Thank you for taking out the time to read this, hoping to see you with your camera from July 1st to 31st!

To participate please click on links of relevant days below

For day 1 "Alone" click here ,  For Day 2 "Books" click here , For Day 3 "Candles" click here

For Day 4 "Distance" click here,  For Day 5 "Fresh" click hereFor Day 6 "Layer" click here

For Day 7 "Light" click here , For Day 8 "Rules" click hereFor Day 9 "Sharp" click here

 For Day 10 "Shoes" click here   For Day 11 "Street" click here ,  For Day 12 "Tools" click here

For Day 13 "Window" click here      For Day 14 "Word" click here

For Day 15 "Bokeh" click here     For Day 16 "Art" click here

For Day 17 "Bliss" click here      For Day 18 "Bridge" click here

 For Day 19 "Caged" click here    For Day 20"Cartoon" click here

For Day 21"Framed" click here  For Day 22"Letters" click here

For Day 23"Play" click here           For Day 24"Rains" click here

 For Day 25"Shapes" click here    For Day 26"Sign" click here

 For Day 27"Smile" click here     For Day 28"Special" click here

 For Day 29"Vacation" click here   For Day 30 "Water" click here

 For Day 31 "Night" click here

To know the ACE of PADE please click here

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Support us by publicizing PADE through your social media profiles and blog. We’ll really appreciate it!


  1. hey sounds interesting , should i try ?

    1. Yes Aliasgar...ofcourse. It will be our pleasure if you are a part of it!!

      Countdown started, 12 days to go for it :-)

      Till then please copy the participant badge for your blog!!!

      Thanks again :)

  2. Thanks for the info. But, I doubt my capability of writing about them.

    1. Thanks Easwar..Please do participate. Its a simple photography experiment, no descriptions or write ups are required. Me and the co host, both are amateur photographers, and want others to join our experiment with photography.

      Hope to see you there!!

  3. This is indeed a great idea. All the best. :)

    1. Thanks Jyothi and Hope to see you in July :)

  4. Checking in...will be sharing my pics as it starts...Also, would like to ReBlog this post on blog, if it's okay with it...

    1. Thanks Punit..Please feel free to reblog and share this.

      Also do note to copy the PADE participant badge from here.

      Thanks for being a part of it :)

    2. Done! Can check it on my blog. Looking forward to awesome pictures... Btw, any idea how many are participating?

    3. THanks so much Punit..Loved your image..Awesome!

      And no idea about how many participants yet..we have our fingers crossed and will need support.

      Thanks a lot again!

  5. Hey i would like to participate from today. Can i?

    1. Hey ofcourse you are most welcome to PADE. Read above. The links for each day is also mentioned. We are on Day 4 today. Check out the themes for each day above.

      Let me know if you need any clarification :)

      Welcome aboard!

    2. thank you very much :)


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