Wednesday, 5 June 2013

"It’s been a year"

It’s been a year

A year since you became a part of us...a part of me

A year since the joy, its glow and its glee

It’s been a year since I held u in my arm and felt warm

A year since I felt complete....

Like there is nothing else I will need

This walk with you has been, one of constant awe...

Awed by your love, your laughter, your grins and your smile

A year full of your songs, your dances and my unbearable lullabies

A year of stains and strains, of your antics and my sighs

A year of sibling worship, of your only boys club

Of innumerable tickles, games, back rides and rubs

Of me being a nub and getting a royal snub...

Image by Mama hiro

May this bond grow more with each year,

May you learn to love more and never fear,

I am there to take care of all hitches, 

I am there to handle whatever life pitches,

I am there to shield you from any harm; I am there to make you feel warm,

May the brightest rays fill your heart and your life each day, my love

Wish you a great year and many such great birthdays , my love

- Your mom-

This is a heartfelt birthday wish for my younger cub 

who turns "One year" today i.e.6-6-13

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  1. wow...i hope someday your younger one will appreciate it...


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