Thursday, 13 June 2013

"I ran towards you"

Got up from my sleep and
I ran towards you,ran like a crazy man
World had stopped..

Years and years I waited to be with you
Chained by your thoughts, drawn towards you
I ran!!

I lived like dead
I lived with dead!!

Eating your memories, eating through roses, 
Eating through pains...through thrones of your memories

Smoking the smoke, breathing the ashes...waiting for centuries
Waiting for the clock...waiting for the cloud
Waiting for the sun...waiting for THE hour
Waiting for you

The hour is here,
You are here,

Waiting for me amongst the crowd, in the sea
Waiting for me,waiting to be us
Drowning in brown, Mourning in black...waiting for me
Burning in gold, gazing in blank..waiting for me

Looking through crowd
Looking through sky
Looking through lenses
Waiting for me

We survived the death, we survived the births, 
We survived the world, 
No one can stop us now
To become one

I will scratch those eyes, I will swim through the fiends 
I will cut all the strings, I will wade through the pains
I will snap all the fingers, I will eat all the chains

You are in my arms, after years of wait
We killed the foes, we changed the fate
Let me carry you away from here,
Here life is dead
Let's run away to deads
Let's unite in death!!

For Out of Standard: Film School Drop Out Edition by Isadora Gruye for an out of the box theme

THE CHALLENGE:Watch the clip.Write a poem inspired by it..
THE SCENE: Clip comes from the film Holy Motors.


  1. I seriously respect cause you can write poem...

  2. I love the passionate side of the story you chose to feature!! And the repetition works here makes it more dramatic and apprehensive. Excellent job!!

  3. Glad I did not miss this one juzta mum

  4. I love the manic energy of this one, which seems to me to give the lie to the ending. I look forward to reading more of your writing!

    1. Thanks Fireblossom. M glad you enjoyed it..the energy was drawn from guy moving around..i just couldn't disconnect from it and penned my thoughts around it.

  5. Wow! That's nice outburst of emotions. It starts in torrents and ends in heavy downpour.

  6. I love your poem! It seems to be a delicious mingling of the romantic and the horrific. Great job!

  7. Lovely poem !
    Glad you reverted back to Google Normal

    1. Thanks dear.. M glad u commented back :-)

  8. Awesome poem, especially lines ending with the chains

  9. Hello,

    Spent sometime browsing your blog, esp liked this very energetic poem and the post on warning signs, cool. Thanks much for coming by mine.

    1. Thanks so much Nilanjana and welcome to my blog :-)

  10. Lovely poem, Sfurti. No task is harder than to wait...

    1. Thanks Diwakar...Also there is no better sentiment then finding someone after a long wait

  11. full of emotions very well expressed.. brilliant poem.. :)

  12. Passionately wonderful. Very expressive. Enjoyed.

  13. I saw the film for the prompt, the text you wrote is really in the subject
    good job, i like our poem

    1. Thanks Francoise. I am glad you saw the clip, it helps in putting the poem in perspective.


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