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Friday, 2 August 2013

Little lovely dreams

Sleep tight my little one I am there
Shut your eyes my little one I am there
I will hold you tight
And never leave your side
Give me a hug and kiss me good night

All the wonderful dreams are waiting for you
Fairies in pink and clouds in blue
Let me sing you a song by a nightingale
Let me read you a poem that will help you sail
In little lovely dreams

Little lovely dreams
With golden light and neem
Bursting with bliss
That you should never miss
Across the rice fields
Flying with no wings
Floating in the air
Dancing on the swings
Touching the moon
Eating the stars
Everything is soft; no one is harsh
In the little lovely dream
Shut your eyes and open your mind
Jump in the colors and leave behind
All your worries and all your hurries
Let me caress you gently
To leave you in a land of plenty
Little lovely dreams

Hold on to those dreams my little one
Shut your eyes my little one
Sleep tight my little one
I am there

(C) Juztamom 2013

Fireblossom at real toads challenged us to write a story in a poem about a poem or book with a poem; or with a poem!! Here
I have chosen "A cradle song" by Nightingale of India "Sarojini  Naidu". I hope I have done justice to the challenge.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Lost in your world

Lost in your world
Lost in the colors, in the fragrance, in your arms
Lost in the magic, in your world, in your charms

I dance on the petals and fly in the breeze
I breathe in each moment, each moment to freeze
Your world is exquisite, audacious and pure

Each color is valiant, each color demure

Your touch as bold as the orange hue
Your caress as soft as the subtle blue
I tip toe around and soak in each sight
Hopping on green, yellow and white
You spin me around to show me more
I see from your eyes the heavens galore

Eager to lose, in a quest to win
Glowing in red, burning in pink
Time has stopped, life has stopped
Each moment in your world,
Is a life time unfurled
My life lost in your life
My world lost in your world
Lost in the orange, white, pink and green

Found in the flush, blush, subtle and serene

Written for Toads

Image credit :Pixabay

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Tearful Goodbye (Haiku)

© Peggy Goetz

abandoned gaze
a shattered dream
tearful goodbye

Written for Peggy's hosting at Real Toad's with prompt - About Face

Monday, 24 June 2013

My Rock

You stood by me and saw me rise
You were my earth, my wings

You held my hands and let me soar
You were my steps, my core

You walked with me to new heights
You were my guide, my light

You flew with me to the sky
You were my flight, my eyes

My Rock

I fell down,
You stood by me
You stood by me to see me drown
You stood by me and saw me sink
You stood by me and saw me fail
You stood by me and saw me fall
You stood by me and never picked me up
You chained me and pushed me down

My Rock

Written for Poetry Jam with prompt - rock
Linked up with Toads
Image credit Flicker

Thursday, 13 June 2013

"I ran towards you"

Got up from my sleep and
I ran towards you,ran like a crazy man
World had stopped..

Years and years I waited to be with you
Chained by your thoughts, drawn towards you
I ran!!

I lived like dead
I lived with dead!!

Eating your memories, eating through roses, 
Eating through pains...through thrones of your memories

Smoking the smoke, breathing the ashes...waiting for centuries
Waiting for the clock...waiting for the cloud
Waiting for the sun...waiting for THE hour
Waiting for you

The hour is here,
You are here,

Waiting for me amongst the crowd, in the sea
Waiting for me,waiting to be us
Drowning in brown, Mourning in black...waiting for me
Burning in gold, gazing in blank..waiting for me

Looking through crowd
Looking through sky
Looking through lenses
Waiting for me

We survived the death, we survived the births, 
We survived the world, 
No one can stop us now
To become one

I will scratch those eyes, I will swim through the fiends 
I will cut all the strings, I will wade through the pains
I will snap all the fingers, I will eat all the chains

You are in my arms, after years of wait
We killed the foes, we changed the fate
Let me carry you away from here,
Here life is dead
Let's run away to deads
Let's unite in death!!

For Out of Standard: Film School Drop Out Edition by Isadora Gruye for an out of the box theme

THE CHALLENGE:Watch the clip.Write a poem inspired by it..
THE SCENE: Clip comes from the film Holy Motors.