Friday, 12 July 2013

PADE Day 13 Window

Welcome to day 13 of PADE
Theme for today is “Window”

And here is my interpretation

"Cut , push
Jump and fly
Window to safety"

This is a collage of photographs I took during one of my domestic flights few years back. Yes this was the only emergency window available on the were supposed to cut the window (I don’t know with what?) and jump out in case of emergency. You guys can guess the name of the airline, I have given a hint in the photograph.

Look forward to visiting you all and seeing your interpretation

Shutterbug of the day for “Street”
Punit and Poonam have grabbed the badge for Street. Punit awesome shot, awe-inspiring and Poonam we loved your interpretation!!
 Click here and here for their entries .
Special thanks to all the participants!
Winners please copy the badge from below

How to Participate

1. In a post meant for this challenge, present an image(fresh or archived) that means “Window” to you.

2. Include a link to this post in your blogpost 

3. Enter a comment below this post with your blogpost link

3. Read here for more details

4. Take some time out and read other entries also and share your feedback

5. Theme for tomorrow is "Word"


  1. It sounds really funny.. cut here for emergency!! If you cut there.. it will definitely cause an emergency :D

    Here is my entry - Eyes

  2. beautiful ! they indeed are no matter they allow fresh air in or not ;) !

  3. My thought on the subject :


  4. Cut though for safety window...We knoe it's the king of good times ;) totally a secret haha. The safety or emergency windows are supposed to be easy to access. We do everything differently in India, don't we?

    My entry:

  5. Nice take Sfurti!
    here's mine:

  6. My entry is here:

  7. Very deadly caption. Excellent capture.



    Here's Day 13. Cool photo today, btw :)

  10. Thanks for the Award :)

    And, is this pic (and those three lines) are especially quoted for Kingfisher? ;)

    Here's my entry...

    1. You are most welcome Punit. It is our pleasure...we are glad that you are a part of PADE...

      And yes lines specially for was a very scary flight!!!!

  11. -- My interpretation for Windows... and please correct your link to this post of yours... It says pade-day-12-window.html

    It should be Day 13 na? Just that I observed before linking...

  12. My interpretation of Window. If you think I can't submit two different photos, please inform me.


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