Saturday, 27 July 2013

PADE Day 28 Special

Welcome to day 28 of PADE
Theme for today is Special and here is my interpretation

"A special photograph of a normal day"

It is special because it exudes normalcy. A rare moment which will never come back, a moment which will remain etched in my memory forever.

It is one of the last photographs of me and my first born alone (Yess look closely I am there in the background). 

It was from the last few days when we were just us. A normal mother and son “Duo””(This photograph was taken just before we conceived our second baby)

It was a day of his demands, his babyness, his running around the house creating ruckus, a day of nonsensical chatter.

The toy that he is holding... reminds me of our endless hours of innocent plays (we kicked it, rode it and yes ultimately killed it).

His bike reminds me how he refused to learn to ride it and it remained his push toy forever.

The T Shirt he is wearing reminds me how easily I could put him in pink then.

His hairstyle reminds me how for hours i would painstakingly turn him into a girl.

His smile reminds me of the innocence and all the naughtiness that was about to come.

Our Duo has now given way to the “Trio”

His demands and tantrums of being the only child have given way to subtlety and understanding of a big brother.

I knew with the third member it will change and may be become more special. But I can’t help but miss our regular duo days.

If I knew the naughty demanding child will so easily slip into a grown up big bro I would have held on to the time more strongly.

I am not complaining but sometimes rather every time I look at this snap it reminds me of the time when it was just him and me.

"I miss that normal special alone day with him" 
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  1. That pic and the writeup both are very sweet. Superlike!!!

    Here is my take on Special

  2. Very Special Indeed..Now you are cherishing those Special Moments.. :-)

  3. Aww. Aaarav looks like a sweet girl ;) Duo or Trio - your bond is still special :)
    My entry:

  4. Nostalgia is a seductive mistress :-)

  5. Nice moments to cherish. Like it.

  6. My contribution :

  7. Loved the interpretation, it's Special as it excludes Normalcy, and the way you shared your precious moments :)

    Here's my entry...

    1. Thanks so much Punit. The most normal moments are the ones never captured by camera but remain in our heart forever :)

  8. I had first seen this pic as ur participation for Arti's Contest.
    Nice Work.
    I actually presumed this was ur daughter! :)
    Here's my 'Special' surprise :-


    Updated ;) Nice pic today, Sfurti. :)

  10. Well, Cheers to this concept....I came across this very very late...nevertheless, allz well that endz well!
    And there's what "special" is to me :)Would love to know your interpretations!


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