Friday, 5 July 2013

PADE Day 6 Layer

Welcome to Day 6 of PADE
We have had fun filled first 5 days of PADE, looking forward to more!
Theme for today is “Layer”

"Years of  rust,
Layers on layers
I wonder what your story is"

This photograph is of a "Cave at Petra".....Each layer represents untold stories,untouched experiences that we can only guess. There are times when you would want nature to talk and not talk. I wish these layers could talk, so I could see the unfold of centuries old tales but at the same time I do not want them to not talk, I do not want the mystery to solve!

Shutterbug of the day for “Distance”
Glad to announce that Priyam has grabbed “Shutterbug of the day” for Distance. Amazing shot Priyam . We also loved Punit's and Rio's entry. Special thanks to all the participants. Priyam please copy the badge from below.

Click here for Priyam entry

We look forward to visiting you all and seeing your interpretation of the theme!

Theme for tomorrow is "Light"

How to Participate

1. In a post meant for this challenge, present an image(fresh or archived) that means “Layer” to you.

2. Include a link to this post in your blogpost 

3. Enter a comment below this post with your blogpost link

3. Read here for more details

4. Take some time out and read other entries also and share your feedback


  1. Last to last year we planned to Petra, but couldnt goo :/ Well, here is my entry...

    And, one request - can you post a bigger and high-contrast pic of the cave - it would be a great entry...

    1. Thanks Punit..I visited Petra 3 years back..Awesome place, must visit!!!

      Will try to upload a better pic.

      Thanks for the entry :)

  2. Wow.. nice pic.. Nature seems to have been in a really colourful mood when SHE created this cave.. And the mood captured aptly by you..

    Here's my entry for Day 5 - Layers

  3. Awesome interpretation. I am loving your Haiku's, keep'em coming!
    My entry:

    1. whoops, Badly formatted, here's my link (Again!):

  4. thank you soo very much :) :)here's my entry for today, maaannn it cost me alot of thinking today. haha :) :D
    and as usual, wonderful write-up!

  5. Nice pic and haiku :)

    BTW, here is my entry:

  6. My first entry for PADE -

  7. Here is my entry.
    Today i mixed quote and poem both :)


    Today's entry updated :) Bit of a "current day event" led to it :P

    1. Thanks Prasanna very creative entry as usual :)

  9. Amazing pic,

    My entry here

    1. Thanks Rio for a very good perspective!!


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