Thursday, 18 July 2013

PADE Day 19 Caged

Welcome to day 19 of PADE

Theme for today is Caged and here is my interpretation

talking to the wind
mounting speed with each whip

free but caged

Look forward to visiting you all and seeing your interpretation

Shutterbug of the day for "Bliss"
Punit we loved your entry. Truly blissful.Congrats for being PADE Shutterbug again.
A special mention of "A rat's" entry.
Check out the winning post here

How to Participate

1. In a post meant for this challenge, present an image(fresh or archived) that means “Caged” to you.

2. Please note to use only your copyright image.

3.Include a link to this post in your blogpost 

4. Enter a comment below this post with your blogpost link

5. Read here for more details

6. Take some time out and read other entries also and share your feedback

7. Theme for tomorrow is "Cartoon"


  1. hmmm.. nice one.. and really it's the thought that is taking it to the next level

    Here is my entry - Angry Birds

  2. awesome lines and a perfect capture apt to the theme- indeed they are free but caged !!

  3. Great Lines to go with the pictures...Alas they think the same...Free but Still Caged..

  4. "free but caged" well-said!
    Here's my entry:

  5. Just like us, The mighty Human Being...Free but Caged! :)

    Her's my entry...

    1. Yes true. We are all free but caged in our own minds!

  6. Here's my Submission for 'Caged' -

    Liked your concept of 'Caged'...

  7. beautiful lines. nicely composed

  8. My first time visiting your blog, and here I found a lot of interesting content .. thanks for sharing ...


    Day 19 updated.


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