Thursday, 25 July 2013

Down the memory lane

Our first trip together
Running away from the eyes, looks and questions
Hiding in the array of trees, bees, passion and emotions

On the way to a godly destine
You pick me as predestine
I pop in with a big smile
Vroom does the engine
Poof goes the tension
On our first trip together

Talking to the air, we take on the road
Love was in the air and it showed
Nothing could blot and spoil the mood
Souls entwine and we were on cloud nine
Passing through the concrete, holding your hand
Air got smelly and a little damp
Even before I could whine or snide
You put on Ambipur and I smiled
On our first trip together

The circles on the road
Going through the hill,
Pink of love and red of thrill,
Being with you, felt like heaven
Half way through and it was almost eleven
You decided to take a break and we stopped for lunch
I don’t know if you knew or you had a hunch
That I talk to my food and get in a very bad mood
When I am hungry, I brood
You had the best place in mind
It had all my favourites lined
Next one hour was food, chat and laughs
Lost in it like fools in love
On our first trip together

And we carried on,
Moving to love, grooving to music
All the way to top,
We carried on.
All the notions broken,
All the words spoken
Minds were shut and hearts open
The day marked the beginning, the beginning of our story
No I don’t remember where we were going,
Yes I didn’t care where we were going

That part is lost in the memory
But I do remember it was the start of a wonderful journey
A journey still going on!

This post is  my entry for "The perfect road trip contest" by Ambipur


  1. Wow...I never knew one could write a beautiful poem out of a boring product :D

    1. Aww there is poetry in everything!!

  2. Wow What great Lines and your enjoyment of the journey reflects in the words...I wish you good luck in the journey and more happiness you way..
    Good Luck for the contest.. :-)

  3. Beautiful..may the journey continue as beautifully as it began

    1. Awww Susie..thanks so much. Its almost been 11 years since that day and still beautiful :)

  4. I like your road trip. Things were fast paced that day weren't they. I've had similar but they didn't remain. Mrs. Jim and I did remain, 40 years now.

    1. Jim 40 years!!!! Wow!!!!! Respect!!!

  5. Wonderful lines, Sfurti! Your poetry has that beautiful spark that delighted me as I kept reading it, loved the way you have weaved in the concept of the contest in such a creative way, in the form of a poetry and it is so beautiful! Loved it, all the best :)

    1. Arti thank you so much for lovely words and encouragement :))

  6. Juzta, thanks for linking up at Real Toads! This road trip has all the essentials - not just a lunch break, but two souls out to discover each other fully, with no pretenses. Amy

    1. Amy thank you so much for such kind words :)


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