Saturday, 20 July 2013

PADE Day 21 Framed

Welcome to day 20 of PADE
Theme for today is Framed and here is my interpretation

Jerusalem, The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

looked up as a Messiah
crucified without a hearing
Who framed Jesus? 

Look forward to visiting you all and seeing your interpretation

Shutterbug of the day for "Caged"
Shrikant we loved you unique take on the theme.
Check out his winning post here

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7. Theme for tomorrow is "Letters"


  1. Where is this painting/picture/mural from? Its really nice. I can see some Arabic lettering on it. Here's my Labyrinthine take on Framed

    1. Hey this is from Jerusalem,The Church of the Holy Sepulchre. It is said that Jesus was buried here.

    2. It is a photograph of a mosaic art piece

  2. Simply Awesome..The picture look perfect and the amazing.. :-)

  3. you leave me speechless !! Mindbogglingly !!!

  4. This is really interesting. We all get framed on many occasions.
    Jesus was framed by the Jewish priests. Priests and religious leaders do most of the framing - check history for proofs.

    1. Hey thanks.I am glad you found it interesting.
      I have been to Nazareth and before travelling read some literature,also a little of Bible. I think there are many versions of it. Traditional view is that Judas and the Jewish priest framed him. Some say that it was the god's will and Jesus surrendered. There is a school of thought that says he never died...All this has rendered so much confusion!!

  5. That's an amazing interpretation, Sfurti!!

  6. Jesus might have been framed by what we call 'fate. Nice write.

  7. Reminded me of the last supper, and Jesus knew all the transpirings, and the acts of one of his own desciples. He had forgiven him at the supper table itself, and knowing by every passing second he was nearing the frame, he accepted the fate, boldly, and did not try any run away.

    Very benevolent take. Hats off.


  9. Dont how to appreciate your post...beautiful :)
    Here's my post, I published it last night only but frgot to submit...

  10. Here's my entry towards Framed =
    Your 'framed' was devotional and inspiring! :)


    Updated :)


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