Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Wall

What divides you from me?
The red sweltering mount
The endless lines of bricks, and
infinite mounds?

Who built it and why?
Did they put a heart inside?
Can it feel our love?
Can’t it feel our pain?
Would it cry if we leave it alone?
Would it wonder in the unknown of,
Loved and lost?
Can it feel the warmth of our souls entwined,
through it?
Can it feel the cold of our tears submerged, and
lost in it?


May be it will start breathing our breaths
May be someday it will come alive with our love
May be someday it will bleed and cry
And call our names
then melt away with the heat of our heart

Uniting our remains

(C) Juztamom

Shared with NaPoWriMo. The prompt was to write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like.

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Some of the fellow participants:   - Jaibala


  1. I wish that I could write with the beauty that you do! jean :)

  2. Sfoo wow. Even I wonder what these things, feel. If the wall had a heart what would it feel

  3. Take a bow Sfurti. You nailed the prompt and nailed it brilliantly!!


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