Saturday, 10 August 2013

I am nature

Soft and subtle
Pure and pious
Magical, mysterious
Vivid and Vicarious
I am nature

Bold and Beautiful
Blooming and plentiful
Collectible and delectable
Credible and incredible
I am nature

Echoed and Mirrored
Blistered and withered
Walked on and flown by
Soared high and blown by
Known and unknown
I am nature

Owned and disowned
By my own
Thrown and left alone
By my own
Bits and pieces;
Left here and there
Reminder of what I was
Reminder of my share
Weeds next to the concrete
Water seeping under the roof
Floods on the mountain
Lives lost in a poof
I am claiming my share
I am taking what’s fair
I am nature

Art ruined by art
Mine ruined by yours
I am bleeding and crying
I am weeping and dying
You are soaring but falling
You are roaring but failing
You are my work
And I will claim my work
I am nature 

(C) Juztamom 2013

This prompt triggered something weird in me. The beauty and calm of the Salt flat reminded me of the power of nature....Soft and Subtle yet powerful!! It reminded me of the recent floods at Uttranchal India. We claimed pieces of nature and now nature is claiming what is rightfully hers!!


  1. I love the authoritative voice of nature...out to set things right. 'Owned and disowned'...hit me most, a lovely write.

  2. Oh my!!! Breathtaking...I am so very glad you let your muse speak she's so spot on. ♥

    Thank you for writing!!

    1. Hannah thanks so much for a wonderful prompt. I actually tried writing something else but couldn't take this out of mind.

  3. You've captured the voice, and the urgency behind that voice, so well!

  4. known and unknown.. my fav line.. so true for nature!

  5. I must say it is an elegant work. The thoughts are ringing through.

  6. Nature thoughts at its best.. :-)

  7. Nicely penned...

  8. "You are soaring but falling
    You are roaring but failing" - Lovely!

  9. the pain and the anger of the mother .. the nature .. for being neglected ... brilliantly penned down forced to think .. ain't we doing too much and then cribbing when we get back the same pain in return !!!

    1. Yes that is what my question is. Nature is taking back what is hers, then why should we cry and complain?

  10. We can't claim pieces of nature. Nature just transforms from one form to another - it's omnipresent, unchangeable. We people are NOT as powerful as we think we are. For, we cannot create anything. Neither can we destroy.

    We can only change one form of nature, to another. And nature knows this!

  11. Very beautifully written. I too firmly believe that nature knows how to restore its own balance.


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