Thursday, 29 August 2013

I will wait

I sit at the corner
See you walk by
I see life pass by me
I have been here for eternity
Waiting on you
Waiting for you

You draw closer and closer
And look through me
Your eyes wondering on and around
I wait for them to stop
Stop by me
Halt on me
I want you to look at me
But you move on
One look never enough
One me not enough

The day I saw you,
My eyes were seized
My heart was lost
I was lost in your world
You became my world
My world alone and lonely
With you but without you
You are here
But I am waiting for you

One day you will look at me
Your eyes will see me
Your heart will feel me
My soul will touch yours
I will not bleed or cry
I will not plead or die
Till then
I will wait
On you
I will wait
For you

(C) Juztamom 2013

Shared with dverse poets 

As per the prompt this is an old poem. Have edited, re phrased, revamped it quite a lot.


  1. Effective use of the almost repetitions... a lot of longing and hope as well.. Lovely result

  2. this breaks my heart a waiting so much - the desire palpable and the other seeing through that person even when close - oh i hope they see each other in the eyes one day

  3. I like the way you've used repetition, too. And you do evoke that almost desperate feeling of need someone, of wanting to be noticed.

  4. yeah i def like the echo of repetition in this as well, really strong emotion there in that last stanza in particular....

  5. Sfurti the poem is very touching and soulful.Full of pathos and emotions.I loved reading it.

  6. ahww, longing, the heart never ceases wanting to be touched! I really like how you styled this, it's unique:)

  7. Your words make my heart wish....and tremble.

  8. My heart broke in two reading this, the longing and heartache is palpable.

  9. Lovely piece! the emotions are so clear cut and perhaps that is what helps in moving on with hope

  10. ... a lesson we must all learn - the hard way. The repetition of certain words gives it a waiting feeling.

    It's always good to get on with life - waiting around might mean we miss what is better just around the corner. :)


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