Thursday, 3 October 2013


A long walk I walked
A thousand cries I cried
I was alone
I was lonely
A long life I lived
Waiting for you

I hoped you will come along
And sweep me off the feet
I wished you will magically appear
Soon we will meet
You will dust away the webs
And comb the wrinkled sheets
A thousand times I fell
Waiting for you

Days spent, nights burnt, years wasted
In the eternal wait
I gave up and fell on the face
feeling weak, being lost in the race
And then I knew
The wait will never be over
Because there is no wait
Because there is no one else
But there is me
And I am enough
Enough to fall down and get up
Enough to conquer the world
Without a crutch
Enough to be happy
And spread the love
I am me
I am enough

(C) Juztamom 2013

Writer’s note: This poem is reminiscent of my thoughts when I first started writing poetry years back


  1. This is really very good ! I can't understand how this poem how not got nay comment because you've put yourself out there so honestly through this piece and more so because this a poem about your initiation. I loved it! And yes, to have oneself is enough. That's a beautiful thing to write about :)

    1. Sonalika Thank you so much for all the love. I really appreciate it :))

  2. I am me
    I am enough..

    You indeed are :)
    so well crafted this poetry.. carrying a deep meaning which is so relevant in our lives..

    1. Deepak thank you so much for your wonderful words :)

  3. You have captured such a beautiful feeling here, the realization that you are enough. I want to post the last part of this poem over my desk in my studio to remind me. Thank you for this!

    1. Thank you so much Dear. I am so so glad my words touched you so much. I did take a print of this and have it on my Fridge :)

  4. I am enough! love reading that in a poem. wonderful!!

  5. Nicely written! At the end of the day, we have to find happines in ourselves.

  6. I love this, specially
    " I am me
    I am enough"

  7. Beautiful lines. Everybody should love themselves. :)

  8. Passionately beautiful words:)

  9. Truly great. Those words jus are flowing... Amazing...Loved it :)


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