Saturday, 26 October 2013

Why I Pray

I don’t know why I pray
May be
I pray because I am
I am because I pray
I pray because I have faith
I pray because I know you are there

So many times I questioned
So many times you answered
So many answers you gave
Without any questions
I pray to let you know
I am there
I am there because of you
I am there and I love you
Not because I want something
But because I have you
I pray to you...for you

People question
People laugh
People gape
When I talk to you
So many times I justified
That you are there
So many times I tried to prove
That you care
And then I gave up
Faith can’t be forced
Faith can be questioned
It can be cut into pieces
And it can be thrown in the sea
It will be tested time and again
And it will survive
If it’s true
So many times I pray
Because I know you are true
So many times I pray
Just to hold on to you

I pray for no reasons
I pray on no occasions
I pray because I believe
I pray to hold on
I pray to connect to myself
Because you is me
That’s where you live
Right inside me

So many times I pray
But I don’t
So many times I want to ask for things
Then I can’t
Because I don’t pray for reasons
So many times I pray
Just pray.....

I am a part of a small NGO and just before leaving for my home town on Diwali ever year, I do a mini celebration with my special kids there. This year as a part of the celebration and pooja the gifts will include a special package of “SampoornaLakshmi Pooja Pack”. Not only because I am writing this as a part of a contest but also because the contest made me think and question my faith. I questioned and reasoned and I am glad my faith in the supreme power stood firm. I hope someday every one realise that the power is within us, we are our believes, we are our strengths and we are our weakness. It is in our hand to use or abuse the supreme power latent within us.

This post is written for the contest–Everyone has a reason to pray at PurePrayer


  1. Short sweet poem on pray. You last lines tells that you don't need reasons to pray and the poem really ends beautifully. All the best for the contest !

  2. Lovely, thanks so much for sharing! juzta mom

  3. Lovely, thanks so much for sharing! juzta mom

  4. Beautiful...and best of luck :)

  5. Juzta Mom - Thanks for sharing your poem. I'm stopping by to say hello pre A to Z Challenge.

    From the Market to the Plate
    Volunteer for the 2014 A to Z Challenge (Stormy Sidekick)

  6. Hey Sfurti, just checked your blog and saw it is in hibernate mode. What happened? You ok?


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