Monday, 14 October 2013


I tried tried and tried
But couldn’t find it
Even in my thoughts
There was no silence

Silence evades me
We sit on opposite sides
We love yet hate each other
Oh how I wish you were with me
But when you were there I never liked you
Now I call you to come to me
But if and when you come
I know I will hate you

My days, my hours, my thoughts
My life, my dreams, my world
filled with sounds and clutter
Sound of incessant laughters
And continuous cries
Noise of continuous tantrums
And hours of endless plays
My home is filled with little steps
My heart is filled with big joys
And my mind is filled with sounds
Sounds I hope are always there

Silence though I wish for
Silence though I know is imminent
But still I hope it escapes me forever
And my home, my heart is forever filled with
Little laughters, 
small prints, 
big noises and 
bigger joys


  1. ...and my you be blessed with it forever. Very nice poem Sfurti :)

  2. I hope silence always stays away from you :)

  3. I do love the silence...thankfully my kids have grown up and I have some quality time for myself.

    1. Janaki I also love it and crave for it but still dread it :(

  4. I'm glad yours is a joyful non-silence. Mine tends to be a constant stream of self-criticism and unwanted noises.

  5. Aww silence mixed with those joyous little noises are the best. :)

    1. Thanks YIkki :). It is the best, isn't it?

  6. The silence of anger, the silence of are blessed to have the non-silence of joy!

  7. Your joyfulness and satisfaction with your life struck me in this poem. Thank you. xoA

  8. Hey sorry , I guess I took so long to come here. And your poem is so soothing which any mom can relate too. Keep writing!

    1. Hey Uma thanks so much for visiting and for your wonderful comment :)


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