Friday, 25 October 2013

Her Dream Wedding?

Her hands are covered in henna
and her face is decorated with a shy smile
but her heart is disobeying her
She wants to be happy
She promised herself
It will be alright
It will be her fairytale night

Her wedding,
Like everyone said will be her re-birth
Her dreams
Like everyone said were just dirt
They why all of a sudden
She was unsure
They why all of a sudden
She didn’t feel happy anymore
Why after ages her heart was not with her
Then why all of a sudden 
everything was blur

She was asked to meet her taker
After he said yes
After she was informed
After it was officially announced to the world
But she couldn’t make herself go
May be she wanted to delay the future
May be she wanted it to remain a dreamy dream
Her refusal was appreciated
Her being coy was expected
She didn’t ask anything
No one told her anything
Not knowing is better
She thought to herself again and again

She survived the prying eyes of future relatives
She nodded at all right places as it was imperative
She cooked and she walked
She looked down and never talked
She did everything right
As right as the word right
As correct as the word correct

An Indian Bride. Photo: 

Then why all of  a sudden
She feels trapped
She feels choked
This is the eve of her fairytale wedding
Why even after people calling her outside
She couldn’t open the door
It was too late to do anything
Was it too late to do anything?
May be she can’t run away
If she goes out she will be forced into the marriage
But is there only one door to go out?
May be not
She closes her eyes and chooses the door
That will let her fly
That will let her be free

 This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. We give out themes for creative writing each weekend for Indian bloggers

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  1. A well composed poem. Wish you all the best for the contest.

  2. I absolutely loved how you expressed every emotion of the bride in such a simple manner.

  3. 'Then why all of a sudden'... has a rhythmic ring to it... loved the poem.

    Arvind Passey

  4. Very emotional composition. Loved it :)

  5. Beautiful take on the emotions and perfectly executed. Need I say more! Brilliant job

  6. Lovely poem. and the feelings of a bride well brought out.

  7. We may say that we are living in an advanced society where men and women are equal, but still there are issues like you mentioned in your lovely poem.

  8. 'She closes her eyes and chooses the door
    That will let her fly
    That will let her be free
    Forever!!' ~ I like this optimistic closing!

  9. A ballad-like form with refrain lets me feel her emotion as it reaches the point of flight! AMazing poem.

  10. I liked the way this built until her choice of door at the end.

  11. evocative and emotional write ~ M

  12. You have written well the conflicting emotions of what tradition has taught is the fairytale dream, the fears and wonderings about the actual reality, the pressure to go thru the door of what is expected, the soul's wish to fly and choose one's own path. You have captured it all so well. And have given her her own happy ending!

  13. How empowering, in the end she believes that she does have a choice.

  14. Such a collection of emotions...the urge to do what she must against what she doesn't the ending...


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