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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Anyone can become a dad; but it takes a lot to be a dad
Daddyhood is not a day, Daddyhood is not a moment
Daddyhood is lifetime

It’s getting up in morning and seeing both of them safely tucked in with you
It’s the cup of milk vanished before I could look
Hours and hours of your struggles with crayons and outlines
It’s your patient learning and unlearning of nursery rhymes
It’s your arms around both of them before they could fall
It’s the silent tears in your eyes when they did fall
Every hug that came my way with a wink to you
Every kiss on my cheeks linked to you
It’s the awesome Maggi daddy ishtyle
Hours of Q&A with a smile

It’s the way you say a lot of things, without uttering a word
It’s the way you are there with us, even in your absence
It’s your knowing smile at the end of the day
It’s your gentle touch to wipe my worries away

I want to thank you for all these said and unsaid precious moments

Being with you has transformed my ordinary life into “an extraordinary journey”

"Dedicated to all  wonderful Dads who make Daddyhood as special as Mommyhood"