Monday, 1 August 2016

Somewhere In Between

Whilst standing in the market
flooding with people
running around, and
scampering through the day
I speak to you   

My daily ramblings
of what happened and what not
who did what and who did not?

Look at Ram running after his brother
complaining loudly to his mother
Mother O mother,
how unfair are you?
why do you let him take everything two?
Complaining just like he used to,
when I was there

On the other side is Sharma uncle,
hurriedly crossing the street,
as usual, he is late
as usual, he didn’t wait,
to kiss good bye to his kids
Just like he never did,
when I was there  

In the front row house is Kavita,
lost in her book
She doesn’t play and doesn’t look
Focused on a future, which
no one has seen
Focused on a future, when
she is not even sixteen
Just like she was
when I was there

Everything is the same
Just like when I was there
Nothing has changed
Just that, I am not there

Next door,
is our home
A place where I lived till I was thirteen
A place which was mine,
before this in-between

Dad just left looking dejected
My six year old brother looks unaffected
but who can blame him?
What has he hardly seen?

I hope he remembers,
how you carried him all day
how I made him rotis and our silly plays
I hope he carries my laughter with him
I hope he carries your hope with him

I hope he remembers how happy we were
till that fateful day
And I hope he forgets the blood display,
the blast,
the aftermath and thousand innocent preys

I hope someday they will find peace within themselves

Till then,
I am here in-between
With you Ma,
Till then we are the angels
Looking over them Ma
Somewhere in-between   

We look down over them and wonder
We know it will be better but still ponder
The future bright and shining for them
Somehow without us,yet
Complete and serene

But till then,
We are here
Somewhere in-between
With them
Without them!

(C) Juztamom 2016

Linking this post with BarAThon Day 1: Stranger than fiction. I am with Team #CrimsonRush for the #BarAThon from 1st to 7th August 2016.


  1. Oh! painful and sad. How somethings stay even when people are no more. very well written.

  2. The twist in the end came as a surprise, and left me misty eyed. Great writing.

  3. I've become the fan of this poem and your poetry writing skills! Beautiful would be an understatement! The words, the rhymes and the message... everything was perfect!


  4. jee! that was beautiful, heart wreaking and yet I loved it!!

  5. How sad is that - to have to watch your loved ones hurting and depressed from afar.

  6. Heart warming and touching expressing unbarred emotions!


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