Saturday, 5 March 2016

Share The Load

When I look around I find most women over worked, doesn’t matter if they have a career or they stay at home. But I hear almost everyone complain about how hectic their lives are. Some go to an extent and even say that their husbands have it easier, so much easier. Men just have to come from office and their work is over. That is what always makes me uncomfortable. Women work through the day too (either in office or at home), then why don’t they relax when they reach home? Why is it that their work is not over at day end?

I saw this advertisement on social media and instantly liked it. As parents we are empowering our daughters but are we also setting an example for them? Are we setting gender neutral examples at home? Children learn the most by observing. Are we good examples for our children?

I see so many educated women around me, trying to give good education to their daughters, teaching them equality; wishing wings for their daughters but is that enough? Is it enough to know I can be whatever I want when I will grow up; that I am no less than a man, when I am subconsciously believing that the housework is primarily mine, or even if I have a career outside my house, I will be the one taking care of everything in the house? Why? Because that’s what my mother does at home!

Is it enough if we teach our boys, girls are equal to you; there is nothing that girls can’t do; you shouldn’t judge a person’s efficiency by their gender etc , when subconsciously they are believing that when a man comes back from office, he takes a break while the woman runs around finishing all the chores! Where is the equality in this system?

Children learn more from observing! They are like sponge; everyday is a new learning for them. They take subtle clues; they pick nuisances from their parents. It is time we step back and think, are we a good example of gender equality? Do we practice it at home? If not, it is time the changes are made. It is time we lead as example, so the coming generation is free from gender bias of any kind.

It is time the household chores are divided basis availability and efficiency and not gender. Let’s start this from today. Let’s be a good example for our kids!


  1. Truly said. It's how we educate sons and daughters in terms of sharing stuffs and make this stupid gender thing disappear. Such social conditioning doesn't help the cause of equality at all!

  2. You and I think alike. In fact, I just wrote a post about this ad and this thought too. Another point is that women need to ask more as well. Some idiot women take pride in their husbands not being able to do anything around their homes.

  3. I absolutely loved the advertisement. So beautifully it showed how much a woman has to go through. My friends and I were having a similar discussion few days back. And it's sad that the points you have mentioned are all true stories.

  4. Oh yes! Household chores need to be divided based on availability and efficiency. Thankfully, at our place, that is how it is. Not so much for our earlier generation. That ad hit the nail on the head.

  5. I don't need to understand Hindi to know what the ad was talking about. It was a beautiful example of what is still wrong with our society and yes, women need to teach their husbands, but especially their sons, that it is not women's work, but human's work that we are all doing. Great post.


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