Thursday, 7 August 2014

Dear Dreams

Dear Dreams

You have a life of your own
There are multiple me living somewhere
With lovers and alone

Remember the time,
You let me fall, in the deep dark ditch
Naked and broken
My pieces falling and
Talking to each other
Each is a me
Crying and weeping
For everything lost
Everything died

Remember the time
You let me fly
High up over the mountains
Sitting on a feather
Through the most gentle breeze
Singing lullaby
To every passerby
Who were they?
Why were they flying with me?
All pink and blue
All nice and new
Full of life

Remember the time
When you went from flying,to
dying in a split second
Then getting up
And talking to me
Asking me to get up
Telling me it is just a dream

I got up talking to you
Who is one more me
Leaving a dying me behind
Holding your hand
When you pushed me again
In the deep ditch
And I started breaking in pieces
Even before I could reach the dark
Each me trying to get up from the dream
And each me failing
Each me falling

Remember the time
One of us survived
And got up from the dream?
Yes that’s me
I always survive you
Come back, live, and
Test you again

(C) Juztamom

I am participating in the 30 Days Letter Challenge where you write one letter each day. The 5th in the list is a letter to ‘Your dreams’


  1. You should publish a book Sfurti, this is just so profound!

  2. Agree with Gauri. This is amazing

  3. ..and here I often wonder why you dont update your blog as much. How rude of you to keep such gems from us, Sfoo? This is lovely.

  4. What a way you have with words, Sfurti. :)

  5. that was lovely Sfoo.. its true, you have a beautiful way with words!

  6. that was beautiful... what an amazing poem... specially the last three lines... dreams are rarely good... and the ones that are are mostly forgotten... what an irony !!

  7. A one heart to heart chat with dreams, still they are dear to us:)

  8. Dreams are like those russian dolls.. a dream within a dream .. everfolding and layered.. getting up is just the next step into another dream

  9. This is beautiful balance. Love the circle, with all its different me that form a whole that will go on without the others, but never has to. Balance, indeed.

  10. Love the angle, the person speaking. Great perspective. So many mes over the years, you're right.

  11. Our dreams are everything, and you have shown the way so eloquently!

  12. Very Jungian and sweet with its multiple versions and ending dare!


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