Thursday, 4 June 2015

Broken Wings

Trees swaying to the music
Some with orange hue
Some pink and some blue
She sits under them
Her wavy hair touching her face
and gently moving away
A book in her hand
A love story maybe
Just like theirs-

Just next to the trees
is their dream
Standing tall
White and cream
Painted with hands
Dipped in love
Their home

Each room,
is them
Each brick over another,
is them
glued together

The air smells of rose
Or maybe Jasmine
He was not sure
but it smells of her
this he was sure
A little sweet, a little minty
Somewhat like flowers, and
Somewhat misty

His life and his home, is
filled with her heart
The joy is palpable on his face

And then he got up from his sleep
Realizing it was all a dream
His heart broke a little
but not too much
He knew she was around
and she will soon give in

He walked to her room,
where he had kept her chained
From the day he abducted her
few years back

Soon, very soon
He thought
Soon, very soon
He told himself

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Linking with A Prompt A Day. Prompt 4 Quoted#1.The quote for inspiration is:
“Everything you can imagine is real” — Pablo Picasso


  1. Brrrr... Hope that end never becomes real for anyone. Creepy :P What's with the scary stories these days?

  2. I just remembered he movie : 3096 days"!

  3. Oops ... what seemed to be a romantic poem turned out to be so scary ... but kudos to you for producing such a mind boggling twist ... loved it :-)

  4. You read and you wonder and then comes the slam dung finish. Well done.

  5. Oh, that took a twist at the end! Well done.

  6. wow!! the twist at the very end was quite unexpected!
    I love your poetry :)

  7. Ooh, that was rather unexpected! Such a quick and sad twisted turn! Well written though! ;) <3

  8. Oh gosh! that's a big twist..scary..Well written poem..

  9. Sfoo what is with the sad, scary poems lately. I wont tell you how awesome the verses were, because you are just brilliant there we all know that. What I want to talk about is the story and the narration that carried it brilliantly and the twist that no one expected. This was just wonderfully done <3


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