Tuesday, 3 November 2015


As a new mother few years back I was faced with a lot of questions. What is good and what is not good for my little bundle of joy? There were so many contradictory advice. One of the most contradictory advice I received was regarding the use of the diapers. I was told babies are extremely uncomfortable in diapers and cloth nappies are best for them. As a mother I wanted to make sure that my baby was comfortable but I was also tired with the never ending change of cloth nappies. So I used disposable diapers as often as I could. But deep in my heart I knew I was not comfortable about it.

Flash-forward to the birth of my second born, this time again I started with cloth nappies but it was extremely difficult to go ahead with it. I had a toddler and an infant and I realised I needed to make an informed decision. So I decided to buy a lot of different brands of diapers available in the market. I started with what I had earlier used. It was a popular brand but the baby looked uncomfortable. As a mother I was not at ease with it. With trial and error I finally found the perfect diaper for my younger one. He was at his active best when I started using Pampers Premium care pants. He is one of the naughtiest babies I have ever seen. So it was like a boon that the diaper allowed him to be his free self. It is one of the softest diapers. My little one looks completely at ease in it. In fact, I think the diaper has only encouraged his naughtiness. There is nothing that binds him down.

One of his greatest love is being in water. He loves splashing around and is always ready to jump in his bath tub. A few weeks back, we had few guests over for dinner. He was dressed up in a really cute formal suit, looking like a miniature Pierce Brosnan and that’s when he decided to have a pool party with his friends. Out went the suit and every piece of clothing from his body. His friends followed and within a few minute our house was full of naked and screaming toddlers running around and demanding for a pool party. We finally gave in to the demand and the kids ended up having a lot of fun at the dinner cum pool party (Yes, they refused to come out and ate in the washroom) That night will remain as one of the fondest memories of him growing up.
My little one is free spirited and I am glad I have been able to nurture his spirits and let him evolve.

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  1. Awww!! :)
    your little one has taken after you!! :D
    I don't think diapers are uncomfortable - I see babies wearing them here and they seem happy and comfy.
    But, tell me one thing - is it true that potty training happens later than usual for a diaper baby as compared to a cloth-nappie baby?

    1. Thanks Pix, they do take after me :P

      The quality of diapers we would get 7 years was not that great and also there is a bit of mental block with all the strong voices around you advising against it, so they seemed uncomfortable. Still I did use them a lot for older monkey also.

      And regarding potty training, I don't think it is true. I believe all kids are different and we should know when they are ready for it and then go for it. There give us cues if we observe properly

  2. That pool party sounds so cute!! He's definitely a free spirit! Good for him!

  3. lol pool party sounds cute :P
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