Friday 31 July 2020

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Monday 14 August 2017

Let's Play

As a mother I am a firm believer in letting my kids have lots and lots of free uninterrupted play time. But it is easier said than done. I have two growing up boys and like most of us living in Mumbai, very limited space. I have been looking out for options which would not only satiate the ever growing boys’ need of adventure but is also safe and secure. While discussing the same thing with one of my friends who was in the same dilemma, I came to know about this place which my friend said , “ It is as adventurous as rock climbing but safe enough for even a 5 year old to do it”.

It sounded like a perfect solution to my problem. Of course I landed up at the place as soon as possible. But like any concerned mother, I was not sure of what I would find. I had so many questions! Will it be safe? Will it be clean? Are my kids too young for this? This looks scary, will they be able to do it? Etc etc

But I kid you not; my each and every worry was put to rest. The place not only looked magnificent, it was safe and kid friendly too. I was relieved to see that the staff made sure even my 5 year old really naughty brat sat down and listened to the instructions before they started.

The safety harness was up to date and all kids were personally attended by the staff. Before I talk about how awesome the facilities were, I would like to say a few more things about the staff. Both my kids were helped and encouraged on every thing that they tried. My elder one took to it like a pro but was still diligently followed and taken care of by the staff. My 5 year old on the other hand was really scared and was absolutely refusing to even try anything. It was the cajoling, help and encouragement of the staff that he indeed tried almost everything and ended up having a ball.

The facilities at the place were absolutely awesome. It is one of the best adventure spaces I have seen for kids. They have made a perfect use of the space. Each and everything looks like someone has paid a special attention to the needs of kids.

There were a lot of kids enjoying and still it didn’t seem over crowded. Everything is very well organised. My kids even after hours didn’t want to come back. From that day to now, I get asked almost daily about going back to “Let’s play”. As a mother it is really reassuring to find a place that is not only kid friendly and warm but it also takes care of the adventure needs of growing up kids. We cannot wait to go back to it and this time it won’t only be kids having fun. We are planning to join them as well. Yes, the place is not only for kids, it is as fun for adults too.  

We are all set to visit again with a huge group of friends. What are you waiting for? Let Us All Play Together! Let's Play!

Check out more details of the place here and here

Tuesday 20 September 2016

The Riot Room

A place so lovely and full of joy that once a child enters, they don't want to leave. That is what "The Riot Room" is. The place exudes joy, childhood, adventure, excitement and utmost care. There are many soft play areas in the city which are designed to entertain and engage kids and I have been to almost every one of them. Each one of them fulfills one criteria or the other. Some are more suitable for my younger one and some are more suitable for my older one. Some have latest slides but hardly any space. Some are spacious but not well maintained. Keeping this experience in mind, my expectations from TRR (The Riot Room) were similar. But I was proved wrong. It is not only the largest soft play indoor area I have ever seen, it has the best entertainment facilities for the kids. It is designed from the point of view of kids. It has age wise engagement area, extremely polite and helpful support staff and it is very well maintained. I was surprised by how clean and hygienic every corner of the place was.

Not only does the place keeps the kids engaged, it has a mouth watering selection of snacks. A parent can sit and enjoy their food break while keeping an eye on their kids. Each corner of the place is designed to gain maximum fun and efficiency. I was lucky to spend some time with the owner. Her passion and love for her work and the place was evident. She seems like the driving force behind the success of the place. I took a tour of the place with her and her love and care for the place was quite evident. 

As a mother of two growing up boys, keeping them engaged for a longer period of time is my biggest challenge and TRR seems to be the most suitable answer. 

Sunday 7 August 2016


I have seen you closely
I know you, like
I know myself
You were always there
Even when I didn't want to

I begged you to leave me,
I prayed you would
I hid in my heart,
you were there
I hid in my mind,
you were there
You became my best friend
Even when I dreaded you,
You were the only one always there

You were taking away my body
You were taking away my mind
I knew what I had to
But I still didn't do
I had no other option
But to let go
You had started breaking my soul

So I promised to save
Whatever was left of me,
my heart, and
my soul

It was a beautiful day,
I promised to
keep you at bay: fear

It was the most beautiful day
When fear gave way to

Fairy Dust by desperadofromhell

Image credit here

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Friday 5 August 2016

Did You?

Walking barefoot I reach, the end 
of earth 
You are not there 
But you said you will meet me, where 
the earth ends, where 
there is death, where  
there is dark, and where 
there is light 

I am here 
Naked of my body 
bathed in darkness 
covered in light 
waiting for you

I float in the air 
I grasp all souls passing by 
There are so many 
Some bleeding 
Some crying 
Some tearing their own body 
Some tearing their souls 
I am one of them 
At the end 

You said, 
You will come 
You did say 
Did you? 
Did I hear you? Or 
did I hear my heart, 
Thinking wishfully, that 
You will be there 
If not in life 
At the least 
In death!

Black Magic Woman by desperadofromhell

Image credit here

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